envision, imagine, create Reality


Sometimes,  in weak moments of fatigue, doubts, self-criticism, not enough me-time and despair, when I feel down and unhappy with myself and the world (astaghfirullah), it helps me to focus on the future.

A wonderful tool to create an instant feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, to attract abundance and to realize my dreams, is to envision, imagine and to visualize the positive.


It helps me a lot to think about what I wish to change in my life, what I would like to become, what I intend to get (materialistically but also emotionally) and how I would love to feel.
I write my dreams down like a wish list, like a list of goals (short-term but also long-term goals, ideally not too ego-focused, including all the important areas of life: spirituality/self, marriage/family, work, body/health, finances/wealth, living/home, community/friends, society/world, emotions,…).
And then I flick through magazines and the internet and pull out ideas and pictures that speak to me and my heart.
This alone normally already exhilarates and inspires me and improves my mood, alhamdulillah.

book-inspiration from “The spirit of Home” by Jane Alexander, and more inspiration here


With a pile of photos and inspiration I then begin to create a book of my dreams or a poster of the longings of my soul.
The most powerful way is not only to write the things down in words, but to add images and pictures that create an encouraging and motivating feeling of “yes, I am working towards this!”. – Little by little a treasure map develops.


When finished, I put this map inside my wardrobe door. Having it always in mind, looking at it regularly with a good intention, trusting in God, knowing what I want and envisioning in detail how I imagine my goals, helps me to feel good, to know my way and to become successful, God willingly.
To focus on the good, to imagine the realization of my desires and wishes down to the smallest detail (without later being too insisting on the “how”) is a wonderful way to attract fulfillment and a positive outcome, inchaallah.

I know that a certain kind of this method is now called “the Secret” or falls under the so-called “law of attraction” – I don’t know what the secret is, but I deeply believe that it is Allah’s power behind all, the synchronization of all the little things in His perfect universe that makes things happen.
And since it almost ever worked when I used this method, subhanallah, I continue to send this sort of wishlist towards Allah.


Happy Id el Adha 2015!

id blume2 id moubarak

happy ‘Id to all my Muslim readers, and peace and love for everyone! 
wishing you a lovely celebration.

we celebrate this years ‘Id mostly with toothfriendly, natural and wholesome food and sweets
and are continuing the sugarfree and health-concious path we began to take this summer, inchaallah.
I never thought I would be able to feel so unattached to chocolate and sweets –  but it is indeed a liberating feeling to know that I can live and really feel good without it, if I want, alhamdulillah.
the consistent sugar-abstinence last Ramadan made it possible for me to quit my sweet cravings and to vastly reduce our sugar intake. we also are much more aware now of how and what we eat, of our wheat-, processed-food-, fruit-, dairy-, etc consumption.
great inspiration I found in looking back how our ancestors ate, how our dear prophet Muhammad (sas) lived and what he ate, what nature offers and also from these people here and here and over theretherethere and there.

id blume1 id allahu

Touda – ecolodge in our valley

touda dream   touda7

Touda Ecolodge intergrates sustainsability, innovation, respect for the environment and appreciation of the local Berber culture. Consequently, the Ecolodge is sensitive to eco tourism practices. At the foot of the M’Goun summit (4 071m), the guest house is located in Zawyat Oulmzi village at the top of Ait Bougmez Valley, at an altitude of 2 200m. The accommodation offers a mix of authenticity and modernity, you will taste the ambiance and the magic of the place. (www.touda.fr)

touda9touda1touda4 touda11touda3touda2touda5 touda10touda6

the Touda ecolodge is a dreamy, remote place, about an hour away from where we live (4×4 wheels car required).
it is a little gem at the end of our valley, in the area of geoparc M’Goun.
it offers delicious food, a very nice and comfortable accommodation and also an interesting little museum about Berber culture.


Reading right now.


When I get a free moment for myself, I lately prefer to read than to do anything else – maybe that’s why it is so quiet here on this blog. After an eventful summer and now in the midst of the beginning of a new schoolyear, I need this time to charge my inner batteries.
So, at least, I share today with you the books I actually read:

Deepak Chopra: “Spiritual Leadership” – “Mit dem Herzen fuehren”

Ibrahim Abouleish: “Die Sekem Vision, eine Begegnung zwischen Orient und Okkzident”

Sarah Wilson: “Quit Sugar” – “Goodbye Zucker”

Ramiel Nagel: “Cure tooth decay” – “Karies heilen”

All of them are really inspiring, deep food–for-tought-books I can absolutely recommend.

Happy peaceful reading!




  • HOME – back to normal, back to the everyday, back to rhythm, rituals and ourselves.
  • Calming down, thinking, reflecting and letting set all the impressions from the last weeks.
  • Being thankful for the gift of travelling, seeing new things, meeting people, getting inspired.
  • Feeling very grateful for the safe journey and for the hospitality of my motherland Germany and its population, where I still feel home and welcomed (even as a Muslim woman with headscarf, despite all the media-negativity and propaganda) – and for the gentleness of the people of Switzerland and Austria, subhanallah.
  • Enjoying all the souvenirs, food, coffee and little new things brought from Europe, that bring back nice memories.
  • Trying to re-adapt to this life of ours with all its challenges, but also all its beauty, alhamdulillah.
  • Getting ready now for the return to work and school, to scheduled days and to-do-lists…

Happy September and thank you for accompanying us on this last  journey –  thanks to those who welcomed us and thanks to those who followed our steps here on this blog, may Allah bless you all! Salam aleikoum, friends.