Let’s vibrate love!

“I want to help us all feel better. As a spiritual activist I believe that my greatest contribution to the world is to help people reconnect to the power of love.
When we make this shift, we begin to vibrate at a new frequency.

When you change your frequency, your family, neighbors and friends reap the benefits. One person’s energetic shift has the power to create a ripple effect across the globe.

And as more and more people vibrate love, the vibrations of hate and judgment weaken.
The times we’re living in require our commitment to love.
We are divided, fearful, angry and traumatized.
The only way to survive these times is to change our frequency. 

The practices I teach are not just about feeling happier and attracting more – they’re about healing the world.“

Gabby Bernstein on her facebook site, April 2020 see here : https://gabbybernstein.com/blog/ 

Happy blessed ‘Id el Adha 1441

Wishing you light, love and peace! …

may all your prayers on this day of Arafa be accepted and may the world shine on the tomorrow’s day of ‘Id – bright and beautiful, united in the hearts despite the distance. Allahumma taqqabbal. Ameen.

‘Id moubarak said!






Raise your vibes! – the importance of altruistic selfishness

Yes, you’re right when you call life right now “difficult” and these times “very challenging”.
I can empathize with you.

But at the very same time this world can also be seen as “wonderful” and these times as “blessed”.
It’s all a matter of focus, isn’t it?

There can always be found clouds on the sky, violence, poverty, darkness and suffering in the world
– but there also is always the sun (even behind the darkest clouds) and something good to be found everywhere, even in the deepest misery. Subhanallah!

There is not only one truth, nor only one reality.
Everybody perceives and experiences life in a very different way, and each one lives in his own little world. Even our closest friends or family members might sometimes seem far away in their own space.

I had to learn, especially during C-times, but also now in these after-C-times of a new normal, that my perception is just too different than that of some people.
And even if I strive hard to make myself understood or to help others see the world with more hopeful eyes, it sometimes just doesn’t work out.
I have to accept, again and again, that other people’s feelings and energy just are NOT my responsibility. And I cannot change them.

Also, I learned that we CANNOT help others by getting caught up in their drama, even if this seems to be serving and caring.
Nor can we change the world by forcing others into our own positivity – it will make us quickly feel exhausted, powerless and weakened.

Yes, we might wanna save the world and make it a better place – the human soul strives to be of service – but the “how to” is not so easy (I wrote about it already here).

I understand now, that is not helpful to undermine my own happiness and join in with the choir of moaning.
If we hide our own joy, if we call ourselves “poor”, to avoid jealousy, resentment or accusations of others, or with the aim not to be too different, riding the wave of complaining and pain, like the majority of people, we only add to the negativity of this world.

I come more and more to the conclusion, that the only way to deeply be helpful to others and the whole world, is by being ourselves the change we wanna see in the world, trying to be happy inside and to protect this happiness and our own positive-energy-field.

We can take responsibility. Yes, we can help the world by taking a more self-centered approach.
Because truth is, everyone is the center of her own little world. Every one of us is kind of egocentric and lives her own reality, might that be a happy or a sad one.
So, maybe the best thing we can do for others, is to feel good in this own little-bubble-world of ours.

Yep. Call it “altruistic selfishness”.

But this isn’t about an egotistic lifestyle, avoiding or neglecting world-problems or the hard living-conditions of others.
Treating others with empathy, respect and even kindness, trying to always be of service and the best version of ourselves and to interact according (Islamic) noble values, I see as a basic human duty – but that’s not the question here – the thing is, that we CAN help the world by being happy and leading a joyful, rich life ourselves.
We do not have to suffer!
We do not have to feel guilty, if we feel good, if we look after ourselves, if we have plenty, are happy and fulfilled, while so many others live in misery and pain.

In fact, when we are doing well, we offer a gift to the world. When we vibrate on high levels, we are much more in tune with ourselves and in flow with good things. If we feel good, we are not only good to ourselves, but we also have more capacity to be good to others, to inspire, to seek solutions, to serve, to spread love and kindness.
When we are excited, we elevate the energy inside ourselves, and we also light up the energy around us – and that shines bright into the world.

« Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light whom He wills. And Allah sets forth parables for mankind, and Allah is All-Knower of everything. » (Qur’an 24:35)

We are powerful. Each one of us.
We can always choose how we handle a situation. No matter what.
We can choose to see things in light.
We can choose to trade fear for love, hopelessness for faith.
We can always choose understanding instead of blame
and we can take reasonability instead of seeing ourselves as a victim of others or the outer circumstances.
We can be positive examples for others and show that happiness, wellbeing and prosperity are possible.

“God is the protector of those who have faith: From depths of darkness He leads them forth into light” (Qur’an 2:257)

So, let’s be more selfish, to serve the world!

Let’s enjoy the good things in life.
Let’s be thankful for the blessings in our everyday.
Let’s make joy a priority, to feel good and to elevate the vibes inside and around ourselves!
Let’s give charity, offer a smile, share a happy story and let’s choose our words wisely. It all has a major impact.

I wish you very happy blessed days of Dhul-Hijja.
May Allah accept all our efforts and worship, and may your days be filled with light. Ameen.

 becoming a lightworker – spreading optimism, love and light!  

Lightworker – a definition: “The simplest way to describe lightworkers would be as beings who feel an enormous pull towards helping others and commit to serving humanity… In summary, lightworkers are awakened beings who bear the highest interests of all living beings and Earth in their minds. They hold a distinctive core of kindness within themselves and vibrate at a higher energy level that enables them to be positive and support others through their struggles.” link to source of the text  

early morning self-development-work in summer sunlight…. 

LIGHT = love and optimism

“Know that you are making a major contribution to the world by choosing to live in the light”
Gabby Bernstein in “Super Attractor” 

Some other thoughts of mine on the topic: “Bringing light”

And my actual list of wonderful inspiring books and a link on the topic of living in the light:

*The holy Qur’an

*Gabrielle Bernstein “The Universe has your back” and “Super Attractor” (also available in other languages)

*Caroline A. Shearer “Raise your vibration – 3 min-e-books on tips and tools for a high frequency life”

*Peta Kelly “Earth is hiring”

*Shakti Gawain “Creative visualisation” and “Living in the light” (also in other languages available)

*Laura Malina Seiler “Schön dass es dich gibt!” and “Mögest du glücklich sein” (also available in French)

(Note: I do read all sorts of books, no matter if the writer is Muslim or not, but I am always treating new content very critically and carefully, in respect to my religion, Islam. I take what matches my believes and leave out the rest).

6 Ideen, wie du dir den Sommer dieses Jahr schöner machst



Courage NOW! – Divine intolerance and being true to ourselves

a new road to go

The severe lockdown is over in our region, people are free to move and life is quickly going back to “as before” (with some restrictions and the obligatory face mask).
Schools are still closed for pupils and will be until September – so we are still on homeschooling/unschooling-mode.
Administrations slowly go back to normal-work, and we as a school-direction have to finish now the current semester and planify the next.
But I strongly feel, that I don’t want and also can’t go back to life as it was before.

The C-times-break was a huge gift to me and accelerated change that was already on its way. The distance to “normal” hugely pushed my personal and entrepreneurial inner evolution.
And now, more than ever before maybe, I feel the absolute inner drive and the urgent need for re-adjustment, personnally but also work-wise.
I feel that it is so so important to make changes now, to take action before every-day-life caught me and us back again. I don’t want this whole C-times-experience to become just a fading memory or a dream-like-souvenir. I don’t want to fall into the trap of just jumping back on the usual train that begins to roll and run away so quickly again….

Note to self:
STOP! Hold on a moment! NOW!  

take an overview!


Having been led last week to the wonderful and absolutely encouraging book from Peta Kelly “Earth is hiring” (an absolutely worth-read during these times) I came to learn about the generation of “millennials”, about things like genetic “divine intolerance”(= God-given-intolerance towards old and worn-out paradigms) or about the “bullshit detector”(= a natural inner warning signal when authenticity or truth is in danger because you begin talking about or are listening to things that are just not congruent with your values).

Despite the language she uses, which is a bit too raw and fecal for my taste, the content is extraordinary and so empowering, and sometimes I have the feeling, Peta is just talking out of my heart, straight to my soul.
I am slightly older then the so called “millennial-generation” and I don’t think we can allocate people and describe their character by birth-years, or put a whole generation in one pot, but I feel confirmed and find huge parts of my own personality described in Peta’s book. I feel very encouraged by her thoughts and like the way how she shakes and awakes people.

So, talking in her words, my inner-feeling of “divine intolerance” (which can be also described as the islamic fitra) cries very loudly these days and my “bullshit-detector” is very much on alert recently – towards my own inside thoughts and decisions, but also towards everything that is said and happens outside.

I know, I cannot change anything until I change myself, and that’s why currently I am trying to totally (re-) define my many roles, my path, our school’s service and mission and my personal goals…

I journal a lot, I work on my longtime-vision, am planning and I am especially doing intense treasure-mapping. (link)

Also, I totally renewed the short-welcome-profile and the description of myself on my “about”-page here on this blog because describing myself helps me to have kind of a distant-outside-view on my own personality, on how I see myself but also on how I wish myself to be and become – (oooh, how many times I pressed the “save changes”-button these days to adjust the text – maybe you already recognized the different and constantly changing content there… welcome, go have a look, but know, it might change again…).


photocredit @writtenbybrittany 


The “I am”-definition and reorientation of my life’s direction is real work, it sometimes hurts, it takes courage and it definitely is my personal djihad. But I am so sure it is worth it.
As I said before, I find it so incredibly important to benefit from the break we had, to learn from those shutdown-experiences (good and difficult ones), to listen to the inner voice that was so extremely loud and clear during these past months, to follow the insights and inspirations that arose.

I want to take courage to make change happen.
The time is now. 

“Take the risk or loose the chance.”
“What do I need to know, to be, to recognize or to learn?”
“How can it become any better for the highest good of all concerned?”

Happy summer-solstice! wishing you enlightment and the courage for many beautiful changes in your world. xxx


Towards more Self-reliance @C-times and beyond

In times like these, with a so-called “world-pandemic” going on, when nothing is sure and everything’s just so new and unpredictable, and in situations like the actual, when we cannot count on previous experience, it is very important to find some secure retreat, some occupation that provides stability or some moment of familiarity.
I think, a life close to nature can offer such sense of security and there is maybe nothing more grounding and soothing than being connected to nature and feeling at least a bit able and in control of a small part of our life (for example concerning the fulfillment of one of our basic needs which is food).
So, I am convinced that everybody would much benefit from learning the basics of horticulture, on how to survive independently and on how to nourish ourselves with the most basic things at hand – just in case we would once really have to… mashaallah.
The question here is not “how to become totally self-sufficient” (which might be nearly impossible and even too extreme and hostile towards society), but “how to live a healthy and natural life that allows us to feel good and in control”.

So today, I really want to encourage you, with my own humble story, to put your hands on some growing and garden work, even if it is just in a few pots on your balcony or window seat.  
Come on with me, back to our roots!

My own story as an organic-gardener began already back in Germany: I grew up mostly with biodynamic food in an eco-conscious household, alhamdulillah. But I’ve never really learned how to garden or how to grow food myself. I had no idea about how much energy, time and space, yes, even how much thought and love has to be put into a small kernel until we have our daily bread on our table.
Now, living in the middle of an Amazigh-tribe, amongst Berbers who still entertain their own small farms and basic agriculture, often done by hand, mule-plough and the simplest equipment, I got to learn a lot about the hard work and difficult-labor-reality of the production of what we eat.
Self-sufficiency has always sparked my interest and since more than ten years now, I deliberately learn and grow more and more in these fields and I guess, as a family, we already live a very green and eco-conscious life.

Four years ago, we luckily met a young Swiss permaculture-student and together with him and his wife we transformed the whole land around our house and school into a permaculture model-farm and research-site. So, the campus vivant’e grew into a 2 hectare agricultural farm with different cultivated and wild zones, a forest, several terraces of vegetables patches, an orchard, chicken- and green-house, compost-toilets, greywater-use- and rain-water-collecting-systems, swales and much more. During school-days, it’s the pupils and teachers who learn outside and do much of the work on the campus. Every student here learns about permaculture principles and eco-gardening, along with the content of the national curriculum.

Now that the schools are on shut down since March, I was kind of propelled into a new role: instead of being the head of the school, an arts teacher and the leader of an 20-person-adult-team, I now look after 20 chicken, I water the potato-fields, grow salad and find my way, little by little, into a whole new world, mashaallah – it’s my family and I who now entertain and work the whole ground.

My everyday-work-outfit changed into much more practical (yes, I love wearing the rainboots now all day!) and my hands have gone dry from working with the soil.
I’ve got to find a new rhythm and every day I learn so many new things, along with my children who participate in it all, subhanallah.

I am not a professional at all, I still think my thumbs are not very green, and sometimes I still feel a certain restraint in digging with my hands in the earth. Also, I follow more a kind of “laissez-faire”-gardening-style and prefer to interfere in nature’s natural way as less as possible (much like Fukuoka did). My orchard looks quite wild, our harvest is still small, we are far away from being really self-reliant and we buy much of our food from the local farmer market and some even in the supermarket at the cities.
This was not a conscious choice and until recently, I have always seen myself more like a weekend-gardener or a hobby/amateur-farmer, mostly concentrating on the cultivation of some medical herbs, healing plants and beautiful flowers.
But when I look at the reality of things, at my actual level of satisfaction and the pictures on my old vision boards, I see the positive fulfillment of my long-time wishes and aspirations and so much blessing in it all, alhamdulillah! I learn to trust more and more in my own ability, I re-connect with and loose fear of the soil.

This capability itself already provides a certain level of inner peace and security.
But the most important aspect is the inner balance and shift of focus we can gain by re-connecting with nature and the earth.
Back to the basics, back to soil, touching the ground, understanding where it all comes from and how it grows, are all things that feed our soul on very deep levels and can help to heal us by a change from the often stressful, high-speed, abstract, virtual realities into a much more tangible world: work by hands, learning to be patient and trust the process.
Plus, being in communication with plants, animals and other humans, finding a healthy equilibrium of sharing, trading and connecting with others, concentrating mostly on the closer environment and community, could offer solutions for a better tomorrow of the total.

I might not want to do farm work as a fulltime-job nor do I opt to totally rely on our own harvest, but spending some considerable time in nature and growing at least a bit of what we eat, is really a priceless gift.
Anyway, I think society would do good in re-thinking the image of the peasant, valorizing his work and recognizing his very importance for the survival of the human species – and why not becoming kind of a “philosopher farmer” – part-time in the garden, part-time writing…

little pause with a very inspiring book, some coffee and out of my most beloved shoes these days (Crocs ankle-high rainboots) 

Nicole Faires “The ultimate guide to Homesteading” : … “it’s about living as well as you can in less than wonderful circumstances.” 


I would be more than happy, if my story encourages you to try it yourself, to take some responsibility, to show interest for your body and how you feed it, to cultivate some respect for nature, to develop a caring attitude for its needs, to gain some understanding of life’s cycles and try to feel the energy of the elements and the seasons.
So, roll up your sleeves and hit the ground / the pots! – I promise, you will feel much more grounded and at peace, even whilst living in a big city during a pandemic.

Would you like to share your gardening experiences with us?
Wishing you blessings inside and out, and much connectedness!



Here’s again my (incomplete) list of possibilities to approach a greener way of living in the everyday:

  • eating local seasonal organic foods
  • minimizing water usage (short showers)
  • composting toilet instead of water closet
  • home growing and gardening without pesticides
  • Composting and waste separation /recycling
  • using natural medicine and remedies
  • Line-drying the laundry
  • Eating as much home-made and made from scratch as possible
  • mending and repurposing
  • walking, riding (bicycle or mule) or using public transport instead of using the car
  • using natural cleaning products (baking soda, vinegar, lemon)
  • cloth menstrual pads for woman
  • cloth diapers for babies
  • cloth wipes for household-cleaning
  • cloth wipes instead of toilet paper see here
  • using organic or self-made washing detergents (ivy, etc)
  • wash and reusing alum foil and plastic bags for packaging
  • reusing old paper for papmaché, for fire or for making new paper
  • turning off lights
  • washing laundry on lower temperature and shorter programs
  • using outdoors/indoor clothes; wear clothes until dirty
  • meal planning (to create less leftover to waste)
  • using solar-/wind-power and other natural energy sources
  • shopping with reusable fabric bags
  • grey-water-use and rainwater-systems
  • buying locally
  • using less plastic and more natural materials
  • buying or exchange used or second hand things
  • opting for high quality stuff (might be more expensive but lasts much longer)
  • taking care about our own soul ,nourish our intuition and our connectedness with nature.

To be continued…


And a list of other great books on self-sufficiency, permaculture, gardening and homesteading:

  • John Seymour: “The new complete book of self-sufficiency” / “Das Grosse Buch vom Leben auf dem Land”
  • John Seymour: “the fat of the land”
  • Bill Mollison: “Permaculture – a designer’s manual”
  • Perinne et Charles Hervé-Gruyer: “Permaculture”
  • Sepp Holzer: “Permaculture” / „Wo ein Wille, da ein Weg“
  • Masanobu Fukuoka: „The one straw revolution“/ “ Der große Weg hat kein Tor”
  • Abigail R.Gehring:   “the back to basics handbook”
  • Pierre Rabhi: “The power of restraint” or with Olivier le niare “Semeur d’espoirs”
  • Alys Fowler “Abundance” /”Erntezeit”
  • Grüner Zweig 66: “Handbuch für Selbstversorger” und “Haltbarmach-Almanach”
  • Wolf-Dieter Storl: “Ich bin ein Teil des Waldes” und „Mit Pflanzen verbunden“
  • Wolf Dieter-Storl: “Der Selbstversorger”
  • Susanne Fischer-Rizzi: “Mit der Wildnis verbunden”
  • Joseph Jenkins:  „The humanure handbook“
  • Marie-Luise Kreuter: “Der Biogarten”
  • Maria Thun: “Gärtnern mit dem Mond”
  • Carolyn Nutall/Janet Millington “Outdoor classrooms”
  • Michael Perry: “Coop”
  • Stiftung Silviva “Draussen unterrichten” /”L’école à ciel ouvert”

Post Ramadan Reflections – still@C-times and an Ode to all Mothers

Ramadan is over, and subhanallah it was the loveliest month and Eid we ever had, alhamdulillah!
The best thing I did, was going totally offline during the last ten days: No influences from outside, no more thinking about worldly (dunya)-things.
Not being able to go to the mosque (as it is usually done every night during this month) made the family Iftaar and the evenings this year much more relaxed and Tarawieh (night prayer in Ramadan) done at home turned our house into a real place of worship.

Sometimes I was following the Imam of Makkah on the television, which was a very special thing, seeing the holy and sacred city nearly empty, only a few people around the Kaaba, where normally millions turn in circles, mashaallah.
To see three of our children fasting was also a real pleasure, and once again I was astonished by the strength of their will towards their (self-imposed) duty mashaallah.

But Allah makes so many things so much easier during this month (as for example: being able to function normally during the day despite the lack of sleep with only three to four hours of nap per night), and we have been feeling His many blessings and Allah’s mercy in everything. Allahu akbar!
The Eid-day, spent as a close family alone at home, just the seven of us, without the wider family, was a great, peaceful and strengthening experience, alhamdulillah.

Now we are back to “normal” – but what means “normal” during these C-times?!
More than twelve weeks of lockdown – three months I totally treasure – I consider myself very lucky not having to quit home and not having been out of our space all these past months – thanks to our huge garden and the permaculture research-site of the campus vivant’e, we have a lot of agriculture to work on, a lot of freedom to run, much space and the most beautiful nature around – in fact, we enjoy the peace and quiet of a well known tourist region that is normally full of visitors during this time of the year.
So, subhanallah, I can say “All is well in my little world!”

But I know, not everybody is that lucky.
When I talk to my friend, another reality hits me: she is sick of being on shutdown, not being able to travel, nor to visit friends or to fly the worlds as she usually does.
If I look over our fence, I see a man riding by on a donkey, wearing a face mask in the middle of nowhere and in this most clear of airs…no people around.
If I go online, I am flooded by many news that are difficult to digest:
the (health-)danger of the 5G-mobile net; Mr. Gates warning on a second Corona-wave or the danger of a possible Bioweapon-attack (which can be taken as a threat, just as his wish to vaccinate the whole world); the censoring of Youtube videos from respectful Medical professionals who just want to share their opinion; the poor quality journalism and the lousy reporting of well-known media in whom I really lost confidence; the requirement of face masks everywhere; the beginning of civil revolts in the U.S. and elsewhere…. Mashaallah.

And although I still feel lucky and am thankful that the re-start of schools in Morocco is pushed out until autumn, I can see that it is time for the world to end the lockdown.
I have to face and to acknowledge other truths – I call this my little “djihad” – because it is my struggling, my striving for inner balance, finding peace and keeping positivity and hope in the midst of so many confusing things that sometimes just blow my mind  (“Djihad” means the struggling for a praiseworthy aim for God’s sake).

I decided to continue staying offline most days of the week. The world keeps turning without my presence there…
I try to remind myself of the post I wrote several weeks ago (about “how to save the world”)
and I try to remember the most important thing:
I don’t have to do anything, except being a good mom!

Happy June dear friends – with my sincere and deep wishes of healing to the worlds –
and bless you all mothers out there – you / we are doing the most important job and work ever!

Keep on shining and be good to yourself!

Me-time, taking a walk, reading, educating and developing myself – and thus also my family… manager of the home – yeah and cheers to us mothers! 


Id’ moubarak – Shukr and Sadaqa @C-times

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaha il Allah!

Id’ moubarak saïd to all the Ummah – Allahumma taqqabbal minna oua minkoum !
Salamu alaikoum oua rahmatullahi oua barakatuh !

Id’el fitr – The joy of giving and the joy of receiving. 

The Prophet (sas) said: “Every good deed is charity. Verily, it is a good deed to meet your brother with a cheerful face…!”

Happy, merry days to all of you!
Full of laughter and joy, full of thankfulness and the pleasure of giving charity – even by a simple smile or an act of service.
Let’s spread kindness around like confetti!

And may Allah accept our worship. Ameen.

With my best wishes of peace, health, abundance and happiness to all the people of the world!



Black holes @C-times and the Plenty of Ramadan

back to basic, back to real life.

Yesterday I had one of these black days – feeling totally depressed and down, as if I could feel the sorrow and pain of the whole world, mashaallah.
Maybe it was one of these normal downs on the amplitude of life, part of a certain high-sensitivity, feeling-torned by the discrepancies of thought being German living in Morocco;
or maybe it was caused by a menstrual mood-swing,
or influenced by the unexpected news that this school-year is totally cancelled now and schools in Morocco will not re-start until September…
Allahu aalem – anyway, I cried many tears and sat in deep hole of sadness.

Yes, I have these days as well.
And I know these moments are part of living – where there is light and joy, there is also shadow and sadness…
Since I acknowledge them instead of fighting’em or putting myself down because of my feelings, they pass much quicker, alhamdulillah.

So, yesterday I cried, a lot, and I mourned, and slowly I realized again that this extended slowdown and time-out, this forced deceleration, is what I wished for, deep inside. Alhamdulillah.
And I realized again, what great gift this is especially now during Ramadan.
How blessed are we!

The holy month is already two thirds over and we enter the ten most important days and most blessed nights of the whole year.
I decided to do now what is called Itikaaf in Islam: to withdraw.
I wanna withdraw from worldly news and try to totally detach and detox, spiritually and media-wise, for the next ten days, inchaallah, concentrating mainly on worship, prayer, gratitude, family and nature – back to the basics.

plenty of beauty everywhere, subhanallah!


But before I say good-bye for some days, I wanted to share some of the beautiful answers to our survey with you.
They show so beautifully what gifts C-times offer us all – so let’s practice gratitude for:

  • The time you get for free;
  • Back to the basics;
  • Focus on the essential things of life;
  • To really BE at home;
  • Time for contemplation;
  • Time for family;
  • Freedom, serenity, prosperity despite limitation;
  • Less stress;
  • Being confronted with one’s own self;
  • Realizing how less we need to be happy;
  • The slowing down of the speed of society;
  • Being much more relaxed;
  • Society’s moving in a positive direction in some areas;
  • That everything is quieter, slower and everyone tries to work together more solution-oriented;
  • More understanding and tolerance between people and nations…

Allahu akbar, I hope you also can experience those gifts.
I’ll pray for all of us.
I wish you all blessed days and nights.

I wish you peace, confidence and hope.
And I wish you time for yourself, for the essential things and time with those most important to you!

I close with some wonderful words of Amanda:
“Mamas, set the pace back to where it needs to be by going there yourselves,
so: Please, please, please go easy on yourselves….
I really believe that the best thing we can give our children (and therefore ourselves) right now is a sense of peace and safety. Teach them how to cook. Let them linger in books. Embrace boredom.
Just be together.
Be gentle and kind with yourselves – That might be the most important thing our children can learn from us right now.” 


Ramadan moubarak! Peace, health and light to the worlds!

Allahumma taqqabbal. Ameen.


Beautifully skilled Women @C-times and beyond

Berber women

– These are the mothers of the Ait Bouguemez tribe, all the strong and beautiful queens of the High Atlas, the heroines of harsh-mountain-life – most of them do not know letters, cannot read and write, never touched a pen nor a book, never went to school …

but they master other things, they have an other, very wonderful deep knowledge, yes, they carry very ancient wisdom, they create beauty with their hands, everyday at home and around … mashaallah, before, now in C-times and beyond, tbarakallah.

Bless you and thank you for your courage, inspiration and braveness in the everyday, dear sisters, neighbors, fellow mothers and friends!


You can see more pictures and read more on the wonderful work, the beautiful skills
and the sometimes very hard tasks of Berber women here.

About their incredible waving / knotting knowledge here. And also here.

Or here about Berber women’s daily work 

and winter life here.

every household has its rug making utensils always on hand, in the kitchen or the living room, always displayed, always ready to sit down, to card, to spin and to wave a little…