Winter’s life

crispy cold weather. the air is freezing. the mind is clear, just as the blue sky above.

the snow sparkles like crystals. blessed are those who find a place in the sun.

woolen clothes, blankets, gloves and waterproof shoes are essential. even inside.
“home” takes on another, deeper meaning.

during day preparations are done for the ice-cold nights.
water is stocked in canisters. everybody tries to keep at least one warm room.

the snow fills water reservoirs again for summer. as hard as the cold is, winter’s still just beautiful
– as every year, snow _ bliss ! alhamdulillah.

sending everybody greetings and prayers for warmth, health and shelter. Salam aleikoum.

Say YES! to new adventures

The end of the old year – the beginning of a new one – although we do not celebrate new-year, this moment always marks an important point: a fresh page in a new calendar – a new number in the date – time to reflect about the past and time to think over new beginnings –

I guess we all learned much in 2020, alhamdulillah – and I dare to say “Thank you @C-times and thank you Corona, mashaallah”:

Thank you for this much needed break.
Thank you for forcing us into new realities in which we have to completely rethink our ways of life.
Thank you for showing us that everything is possible, although in the outside completely out of our control.
Thank you for confronting us with our very own and deepest fears.
Thank you for showing us the importance of interpersonal exchange and togetherness.
Thank you for showing us so clearly what really matters.
Allahu akbar!

Yes, I ‘ve learned a lot (and yes, this learning also includes how to live, love and how to keep a dog the halal-way, LOL).
I am looking forward to this very new year 2021 –
it’s still fresh and many ideas and plans are in my head –
but in the end, everything is up to Allah, because He is the best of planners.
… Who knows what the futures holds for us?

Even though I have learned over the least months how important regular contact and communication with others is to me,
I also wanna go more within myself this year – to this inner temple of mine, to my own sanctuary, deep within.
I wanna work on my self above all, because I understood, that each one creates his own reality.
It is ultimately totally up to each individual – so it is up to myself – if there will be change for the better in this world.

Ten things I focus on now:

Practicing mindfulness.
Looking for what needs to be done inside myself first.
Getting into alignment inside and out.
Feeling my wished and dreams.
Working on my blockings (ego, fear, guilt, doubt, impatience…) .
Clearing my deep inner beliefs.
Defining in detail what I really aim for.
Shifting my perception.
Concentrating on the visualization of the positive and wished outcome.
Trusting in God’s manyfold ways.
Knowing that all is well – Inchaallah.

Richard Branson 

Wishing you a very blessed new year 2021,
a year full of big dreams, clarity, joy, love, peace, gratitude, courage, prosperity and health!
May Allah bless you and the worlds. Ameen.




“As the global climate continues to warm, mountain people — some of the world’s poorest — face even greater struggles to survive….
Ecosystem degradation, loss of livelihoods and migration in mountains can lead to the abandonment of cultural practices and ancient traditions that have sustained biodiversity for generations.

Mountain biodiversity is the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day on December 11th, and the sustainable management of mountain biodiversity has been increasingly recognized as a global priority:
• are home to nearly 1 billion people;
• host 25% of biodiversity on land;
• provide key food crops & most of the world’s freshwater.

So let’s celebrate the rich biodiversity of mountains, as well as address the threats they face.
On Friday’s International Mountain Day, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) explains why mountains matter.”

Yes we do, yes we can!
our campus vivant’e – students on the occasion of the International Mountain Day planting 60 new Carob trees to support biodiversity and to leave sustainable footprints in our environment.

Welcome to the magnificent High Atlas Mountains of Morocco!


International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.
Celebrate this International Day 2020 with your community and friends preparing an event or joining the conversation on social media using the hashtag #MountainsMatter. Pass on some of the key messages, or share about the biodiversity in the mountains near you, or a photo of your favorite mountain.”


the stunning beauty and bio-diversity of Géoparc UNESCO du M’Goun



The importance of self education and new books to read

“Hello world!” – I dare to say carefully out of my hiding place – still feeling like a caterpillar, wrapped up in its cocoon, needing time, needing quiet, needing a safe spot,
the last weeks and even months have been a period of rest, sometimes depression and a feeling like going through barren lands, mashaallah. Transformation, metamorphosis, major life changes, and I just left another black hole. 

But I am also feeling some new energy, alhamdulillah, and I can see already glimpses of light, new opportunities, promising encounters and divine synchronization in the whole.

“positivity can improve one’s quality of life and resilience through hardship”

I stay optimistic, I try to be extra-gentle with myself. I pray and I am reading a lot these days – developping myself, pushing my own further education and learning new things, especially learning to better master my mind, to consciously steer my thoughts helps and gives me a new drive.

I think, it is our duty to learn to master our free will, our thoughts, our ego and our awareness. They are all gifts from God. But sometimes our own mind becomes satan (shaitaan) and we become our own worst enemy, audhu’billahi. Therefore I think, we as humans have to learn to control them instead of being controlled by them.

Allah says: “Whatever of good befalls you, it is from Allah; and whatever of ill befalls you, it is from yourself.”

(Qur’an, 4:79)

I recently read a lot of “new thoughts”-books and about the law of attraction, they give me such a good feeling of confidence, relief and are often very close to my religious Muslim beliefs.

So, here is my actual list of books I read to educate and develop my self – maybe you feel inspired:

Thomas L.Pauley: “I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams”

Fabian Wollschläger: “Beziehungen sind (k)eine Kunst”

Hermann Scherer: “Wie man Bill Clinton nach Deutschland holt – Networking für Fortgeschrittene”

Daniel und Käthy Zindel: “Lieben, leiten, leben – das Ehebuch für Führungskräfte”

Esther and Jerry Hicks / Abraham: “Ask and it is given” and all their other books

Andrew Kap: “The last law of attraction book you’ll ever need to read”

Gill Edwards: “Wild Love”

Binimad AlAteeqi: “The law of attraction and Islam”

Robert T. Kiyosaki: “Rich dad – poor dad”

Napoleon Hill’s golden rules

and here is my favorite book-list-review (in german) for entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs and people who dare to develop themselves, to lead and take action.

(Note: I do read all sorts of books, no matter if the writer is Muslim or not, but I am always treating new content very critically and carefully, in respect to my religion, Islam. I take what matches my believes, what feels right and is halal, and I leave out the rest).

A peaceful moment: coffee and a good book in nature –
learning, self-education and self development. Bliss, alhamdulillah!

Wishing you a wonderful late aumtumn and blessed December!



I feel like I’m going through major life changes.
Maybe actually the whole world does.

I feel like a caterpillar who needs to hide, to retire, to cocoon-in before turning out one day as a beautiful butterfly, inchaallah.
I feel vulnerable yet strong at the same time. Subhanallah. 

I feel evolving into a more mature version of myself.
Ready to learn through all the changes that happen inside and out.


Ten things that help me going through tough times:

  • Being gentle with myself.
  • Stop rushing around, holding still, reflecting.
  • Trying to live in the moment, totally conscious and present.
  • Honoring who I am and what I did and do, knowing that I was and am always enough, just as I am.
  • Stopping self-sacrifice, martyrdom, self-sabotage and self-criticism.
  • Seeing myself, everybody and all things with a holistic-eye (all is connected, all is adding to the whole and all is well) instead of the usual dualistic view (good vs. bad).
  • Really listening to my emotions and needs.
  • Finding ways to climb up the emotional-guidance-scale, towards the better feeling-place (more here or here).
  • Defining what I really want – how do I wish to feel? How do I visualize my future?
  • Giving myself time. Breathe. Relax. 


What are you actually going through? Any tools to share?
Wishing you a most wonderful autumn, full of color, letting go and getting ready to welcoming the new. 


…at the end of a beautiful summer…giving thanks.

Looking back to a wonderful summer, alhamdulillah, enjoying the cooler early autumn air and the beginning of a new school year with a totally new rhythm and very new @C-times-rules and strange obligations…

I focus on the good and the blessings within: time with the kids, harvest in the garden, so much beauty and natural abundance all around, subhanallah! …and sometimes a quiet moment, simply me…

A wonderful time to count all these blessings, time for gratitude-lists and time to look at all the things I appreciate so much…this is how I recently go through my days, working on my inner balance, clearing my own energies, trying to spread only good vibes around, in the midst of all this unpredictable and uncertain worldy situation that is  still going on…

“If you give thanks, I will give you more.”  (Qur’an 14:7)

Allahu akbar!

“If you would try to count God’s blessings, you would never be able to count them all…” (Qur’an 16:18)

Imagine Utopia – a backwards forecast to May’21

looking back into the future of now… you may (again) say, I’m a dreamer… 


Today I would like to take you on a journey to next year.
How will life be, how will the world develop and look like then?
Let’s dream, let’s imagine, let’s travel to Utopia – just for the sake of fun –

Imagine yourself eight months from now.
It’s May 2021.
The trees are in full bloom outside and I sit on my terrace, the mountain-air here is still a bit chilly and I hold a cup of comforting warm coffee in my hands.
It’s quiet, the kids are in school, just our little one is playing peacefully at my side while I am pondering about the past months and the last year.
Exactly a year ago, I sat at the same spot, the same quietness, confined.
It was May 2020,
lockdown-time and normal life took a huge break then.
Do you remember?
We all were locked up at home, each one, without exception.
The world was in sort of a paralysis, ridden by a feeling of powerlessness and uncertainty, influenced by the horror news of a so-called dangerous virus threatening humans. Horrible numbers and pictures were spamming the world-wide-web. Opposing expressions were not allowed.
Everything was on hold and more than five months, from March to August 2020, everything, the everyday-normal, economies, tourism, moving, social- and business-life, yes, even war seemed like on a huge break. Everything felt so unpredictable.

When school started again in September’20, there were so many new rules, obligations, restrictions to be followed and so many questions while facing this new “normal” with a face-mask in front of our mouths.

the solutions of tomorrow are in today’s utopias” (Pierre Rabhi) 


But, alhamdulillah, everything turned out better since then, better than ever expected. Subhanallah.
If I look back on the last six months, I see the huge gift in everything and the beauty of the development that happened since then, and I see the positive impact of this incredible worldwide shaking, when everyone was forced to pause and think:

The people of the whole world became more and more aware about laws, about the abuse of power, about the influence of media and about the danger of blind following crowd-behavior.

The human species became conscious about their right to free-will, about the individual duty to form one’s personal opinion, to stand up and to take things into their own hands.
More and more people from different countries and backgrounds made themselves heard.
Country by country, people peacefully demanded and gained back their power.
They began to express diverse opinions, accepted different points-of-view, became less tolerant towards the threatening of their individual freedom, but much more accepting of diversity and other ways of life.
Through courageous, positively focused questions and a strong request for proven facts, reason and deeper information, the personal self-determination was established again, maybe now more than ever before.
Humanity evolved to a never-before-known level of mindfulness, growing a great sense of connectedness, despite differences.
The former social distancing and suspicious looking-at-the-other-as-a-possible-enemy turned into a deeper understanding of the importance of dialogue, communication and togetherness, even across borders and social classes.
There was no possibility for hasty action and running around to save the world. Connectedness happens now much more through benevolent thoughts and open hearts.  Compassion, empathy, donating, sharing and prayer became more important than the urge of being actively involved everywhere.

The discussion about a forced vaccination calmed down, and already in November’20 it was clear that there was no considerable danger of Covid-19 left, no “second wave” to be expected, the overall death-rate was surprisingly low and a vaccination was no longer needed.

The restrictions and severe hygiene-and-health-obligations offered several benefits to society and schools here in Morocco, but the obligation to wear a face mask was soon removed worldwide – free breathing was and is possible again!

The educational-system developed tremendously and worn-out curricula and content was repealed since autumn. The ministry of education recognized the huge potential of the newly-gained homeschooling-experiences, with all its good and bad.
New forms of teaching and different creative learning-methods are allowed since last autumn and a huge freedom of choice is given now to schools and even to each student, on how, when and on what they will teach and learn.
It seems like some long-needed changes have come much quicker than expected. A healthy balance between theoretical and concrete-practical learning, adapted to each student’s individual character and needs, is possible now – with the aim to grow responsible, self-determined and mature world-citizens.

The stopped travelling proved to be a gift not only to planet earth, but even to people.
Nature recovered in many places and even though tourism-industry first really went down, the national travel-market and homeland-tourism highly raised and opened new opportunities for all concerned.
Today, travelling is again possible worldwide, but people move much more conscious and environmentally-friendly.

Economy went never as down as predicted and the people in businesses and enterprises that really had a hard time or went bankrupt, soon found new, even improved and sometimes different ways to re-establish or positively change their former work.
Home office and flexible working-hours became norm.
Garden-centers, do-it-yourself-, hardware- and furniture-stores experienced a boom, because values like “family”, “home” and “creativity” gained new importance.
Urban-, community- and roof-garden-projects started everywhere, cities are really green now and even the poorest areas bloom now.
People began seeing “self, family, nature and home” as the most treasured things in their lives. Family-communication-skills developed for the better, relationships improved and the birth rate in Februray’21 already significantly rose. Domestic love visibly increased, drug-addiction considerably decreased and “Stay home and love your family” is the slogan since.

Contrary to the many negative prophecies for all areas of life, a deep longing for awareness and a feeling of inner peace and “happy frugality” grew in many peoples’ minds. The social trend of a conscious return to the essential things, towards a healthy and whole being, towards self-determination and self-sufficiency, back to the land and to real bonds with fellow-humans and nature, is noticeable since then.

So, I sit here on my terrace, sipping my coffee and being enormously thankful for all that developed over the last year. Many, many things changed, we went through ups and downs and a lot of uncertainty. But optimism and faith proved right: all is well in the world. Alhamdulillah!

This process is called “regnosis” – a backwards forecast, which is – not like a prognosis looking and prescribing the eventual (often negative anticipated) future – more like a travel into future and looking back on how the way was from now until then. It is a powerful tool you can use in any form and adapt to any personal dreams and situation. Just by focusing on possibilities, solutions and a positive future outcome, rather than staying stuck in actual problems. This method helps the brain to imagine a desired evolution of something and to see its achievement as possible.

I was inspired by Matthias Horx, who wrote a beautiful regnosis in March’20 (in English and German), and I really recommend doing your own regnosis if you want to achieve a better-felling place of attraction for your personal or for the world’s future – because I believe that only through good feeling thoughts, we can attract a better world beyond the actual:

“If we can dream it, we can achieve it!” Inchaallah.
Happy September, dear readers! Salam aleikoum.





Friday inspiration

“You want to be a solution to this planet ?

Then don’t let anything you see in the world rob you of your smile.”

(Matt Kahn)

We are still on summer vacation mode. Bliss. Alhamdulillah,  enjoying the small beautiful world of ours, at home and a lot in the gardens.  Subhanallah, life is good.

Some two weeks until school should start again… but @C-times are still real out there and after the speech of our dear King yesterday, I see that all is still very unpredictable and there’s no “normal” yet.

I train myself to welcome the unknown with a smile. Taqwa, inchaallah.

There are always two sides to everything … positive and negative.

Let’s concentrate on the good. Let’s imagine the best. You may say, I’m a dreamer…. but I hope I am not the only one. Everything is going to be well. And even better, God willingly.

Summer break… pondering and being highly inspired by the teachings of Abraham (Hicks).

P.S.: …. I forgot: a very blessed new year Hijri 1442 to all the Muslim Ummah – full of ease and enlightening inchaallah. Salam aleikoum.