a documentary film about work and togetherness

dear Arabic and French-speaking friends, I proudly and humbly present you here the link to a documentary film about our work and togetherness at the campus vivant’e.

This film was shot here last year in several stages. It is less an educational film, but rather a portrait of different people and their stories intertwined around our school – touching, real, deeply human.

We will subtitle it also in English and German – I will let you know as soon as the work is finished, inchaallah.

Ce film a été tourné ici l’année dernière en plusieurs étapes. Il s’agit moins d’un film pédagogique que d’un portrait de différentes personnes et de leurs histoires entremêlées autour de notre école – touchant, réel, profondément humain.

Nous le sous-titrerons également en Anglais et en Allemand – je vous tiendrai au courant dès que le travail sera terminé, inchaallah.

Dieser Film wurde hier letztes Jahr in mehreren Etappen gedreht. Es ist weniger ein pädagogischer Film, sondern eher ein Porträt verschiedener Menschen und ihrer Geschichten, die sich um unsere Schule drehen – berührend, real, zutiefst menschlich.

Wir werden ihn auch auf Englisch und Deutsch untertiteln – ich werde euch informieren, sobald die Arbeit abgeschlossen ist, inchaallah.

The tides of family-life _ welcome 2023!


We are entering a new year, with blank and fresh pages in the calendar to fill.
Yes, oh my, there are many things to planify for this year, inchaallah:
travels to look forward to, visits of friends to get excited about, Ramadan to come very soon already, and there is the one thing that is totally new to me as a mother: the letting go of one of our children.

After growing into maturity, having gotten the high-school degree, and recently even his drivers-license, our first born is now ready to leave the nest.  

I was aware of this moment to come since quiet a time already. I went through inner sorrow, fear and insecurity. The hardest thing is working on my own inner feelings without putting a burden on the child. I am convinced that he is ready, that he will manage well, wherever he will go, with God’s will, mashaallah. But am I?

Ready to let go and let God.  

I grow a lot in this. Alhamdulillah. I can empathize now much better with my own mother, with all mothers – we all have to go through this – natural change. I try to learn from others, how they manage this, and I observe the animals treating that moment: to let go, to set free, to trust.   

And I rejoice now much more in the moments when all of us gather together as a family of seven, when all five of our kids sit around the table, when they still go with us on holidays or watch a family movie in group – these moments became more and more special to me, knowing that each one grows into his and her own taste and rhythm, wanting freedom and maybe preferring time with peers and outside the home…

12 years ago – attempts to fly like an eagle

So I try to enjoy now more consciously the time with the smaller ones, sometimes even a bit more me-time, but I also try to find new (or old and forgotten) hobbies to fill my leisure-times.

I begin to define how I intend our future-family-gatherings to be,
I am thankful for what we have been blessed with for two decades now,
and I start observing the fruits of what we had the chance to sow over the last 19 years, subhanallah. 

Full of humble gratitude, alhamdulillah.

Full of love and reminded by these words,
may you fly, dear son, blessed and divinely guided, into your promising future:

« Mes chers parents, je pars
Je vous aime mais je pars
Vous n’aurez plus d’enfant
Ce soir
Je ne m’enfuis pas je vole
Comprenez bien, je vole
Sans fumée, sans alcool
Je vole, je vole… »

(Lyrics of the song in the movie « la famille Bélier », by Louane / Michel Sardou)

Blessed new year 2023 to all – full of ease and joy and glory!

weekend pleasures

  1. Being delighted by solstice’s-short-days-sunlight
  2. Capturing beauty with a real camera
  3. Putting square-sized pics on my new Instagram account
  4. Collecting wood for the chimney
  5. Searching magazines for inspiration
  6. Cleaning and beautifying home
  7. Creating a winter mood-/visionboard
  8. Enjoying family-movie-nights with popcorn
  9. Savouring soulfood with lots of cinnamon and butter
  10. Wishing the worlds peace and blessings – and some snow for our valley.

Golden Milk

Golden autumn-times are just perfect for “golden milk”.

An old ajurvedic recipe that makes a warming, calming, relaxing cup for late afternoons, when the days get shorter and the air a bit cooler.

1 teaspoon of turmeric heated in a

1 glass of milk,

With a pinch of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon (all optional) and a shot of honey.

I often put some steamed milk on top – bliss!

The greatest gift you can offer…

“The greatest gift you could offer the world right now,
is the gift of your expectation of all things turning out well”

– for if you expect the beautiful success of someone or soemthing, you offer and send out uplifting vibrational energies that positively influence everything around”

“I see the world in its light. Most beautiful and blooming. I see peace, love, abundance, empathy and a growing awareness. I see people laying down armour and weapons. I see hearts opening and connecting. I see hands that pointed against each other, now hugging and helping those in need.
I see those which preveiously were in need now empowered and flowering. I see people and nations united, allowing diversity, caring for their own wellbeing while caring about the others and that of the whole planet. I see light and beauty, love and peace.”
You may say I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one…. alhamdulillah, all is well.

Happy Autumn, world!

(inspired by the teachings of Abraham (Hicks), Richard Dotts, and The Law of Attraction).

Annual report & summer news

…off to relax some weeks of holidays …

I leave you with our newest annual report – a retrospective in pictures from our lively everyday at school: https://www.campusvivante.com/en/campus-vivante

you can download it here and there .

Wishing you a beautiful month of August! peace and light to all of you! salaam aleikoum, friends.