A Family Manifesto

a wonderful summer has passed by… autumn is in the air, first snow on the summits we just hiked last month, and a new school year lies ahead.
While pondering over the great moments we had together as a family, I feel the urge to make these memories last. Life will change this semptember (it always does, I know…), as our youngest son enters first grade and our oldest one the public high school…
lunchtimes will be different and the togetherness we lived so many years on our campus has now to stretch, to widen and to open outwards.
I think we are ready for this, but I also feel that we have to give new meaning and sense to our family and consciously realize what the word and the community of “family” means to each one of us.

When I prepared the teamwork and leadership-training for our teachers, I came across a wonderful idea in Stephen Covey’s book (“Principle centered leadership”), the idea of a family manifesto. And it felt the right moment to create one before busy school life takes all over again. It felt so right to deeply connect before we go apart.

so I searched the net for creative ideas and I reflected over the things that I really wanted us to share and to realize; I informed the other family members about the idea, I made preparations and created an atmosphere of joy, excitement and anticipation. And then fixed a date where all would be present, undisturbed, for about two ours, with good food, candles and crafting materials. We put “Bismillah” on the top of our manifesto and collected memories, values and things that define, connect and are important to us.

I won’t share the result here, it’s far too personal and kind of sacred for the seven of us… I really feel blessed and grateful that we did this, alhamdulillah, … but I wanted to inspire you, just as I was inspired by others…. and I wish you a connection of love and the feeling of togetherness for you and your beloved ones, carrying you especially though the hard times of life … feeling the importance and the value of “family” as the basic unity of society, no matter what.

And for those who do not have family to share such a connection with, the idea can likewise be done with your circle of friends, your team at work or in every other unity you build with others.

Wishing you peace and blessings for you and your relationships.

more ideas: https://liveablissfullife.com/home-rules-for-the-family/

and also in Amanda’s books



High Atlas family trekking – the Mount M’Goun 4068m

Morocco is a great country to travel with kids. And the area where we live, in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, is wonderful in summer when elsewhere it’s too hot. We are a mountaineer, wild and outdoors loving family and the fact that my husband is a mountain guide ads and encourages this. So we try more and more to take advantage of it and go on family holidays just around the corner, into the huge mountains we see every day.

Sleeping under the stars, in a tent, camp fire, eating on a carpet, one-pot-meals, the kids riding mules and running around, naturally pacified by fresh air and nature;… simple face-washing with cold spring water, meeting camels and nomads, challenging ourselves while climbing higher and higher, enjoying the silent, wide and lonely hills… live can be so easy, bliss! alhamdulillah

toddler-baby is always with us, comfortable on our back (for trekkings like these, we are happy with our baby-carrier instead of using just the simple sling)

20190820_120836     20190818_07313320190821_102030 20190824_173206

Ait Bouguemez valley to Mount M’Goun : from 1800 to 4068 meters above sea level.

Would you also like to travel Morocco’s mountains? There are plenty of good travel agencies online with wonderful offers for trekking with children… especially our dear friend Christian’s http://www.weltweitwandern.at




Time-out in Marrakech

Once a year, sometimes twice, we indulge in the pleasures of modern city life in Marrakech… this year we had the great pleasure to live on the extraordinary farm of friends a bit outside of the red city… what a gift, subhanallah! Living under olive trees, with a swimmingpool and huge space to run wild and free. And as usual, we were visiting the medina, eating loooots of yummy ice cream and other (fast) food, going on long shopping tours through souks (old markets) and new malls, visiting interesting places, spending lots of money in bookshops, checking teeth at the dentist, meeting friends and were enjoying life in and around this beautiful and typically lively moroccan town, which I hold so dear.

Interested in visiting Marrakech? Check out my hot spots in the red city here.

Wishing you a lovely month of August and a blessed dhu’al Hijja.

Know what you want!

A wish written down becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps with a date becomes a plan.
A plan packed with action and nourished by prayer becomes reality.

More on productive goal setting making a vision board here and here.

One thing I learned over the years and am still learning:
the better I know what I want and the more I express my needs and wishes in clear ways, the more precisely it will fullfill.
Actually making:
my visionboard for fullfilled summer holidays
and reading on clear and peaceful communication (Marshall Rosenberg: “Nonviolent communication –  a language for life”)

happy summer dear readers and friends!


Alhamdulillah..at least 30 minutes in the morning, a little chunk of quiet time for me…before a new day starts with all the craziness of family life and else…

I miss Ramadan and its peaceful atmosphere…but i really enjoy my morning moments with hot lemony water and coffee when the first sunlight shines through the window, subhanallah… it’s these little blessings in the midst of busy reality that give me energy and power to continue.

Wishing a blessed early summer to all of you!