Children’s prayer mats


In Ramadan I always enjoy the more of time for really important things (reading Qu’ran, praying, being with the kids and in garden, and working on personal projects) and I enjoy even the time for the lesser important things (household, working down my to-do-list, etc), because until late afternoon there is no distraction by meal-making or eating during the day. The day feels much longer in a very positive way, subhanallah.
Surely, the children get their food, but I keep it simple and mostly it contains leftovers from the iftar (breaking-the-fast-meal) of the other day or eggs, pasta or salad.
So, beside organizing the new school year, this means that I sometimes do have time now to sit in front of my sewing machine again, alhamdulillah.
I love sewing! Although I am not at all proficient, I like the quick results that can be made by sewing and I enjoy teaching myself new skills. I am really thankful for the www, where great tutorials and step-by-step-guides can be found that make it even easier. 

For the Ramadan calendar of this year I’ve sewn some prayer mats for the children.
Do you remember the praying mat I once did for myself? It’s the same kind of how-to-do-it: easy done of two layers with a Ka’aba-appliqué and a string. The children ones simply are much smaller and the outer-side is even made out of a dish-towel.

Our children do not already seriously pray at the moment, but they like to join me sometimes, to imitate the movements and to play as if it were serious, even the little one; she puts then her own hijab (head cover) on and rises her hands high to do the initial “Allahu akbar” movement – I love to see it, it’s heart-melting!
I think it is important for Muslim children to have their own mat, to feel invited, to feel confident, and to learn doing accurately their prayers and most importantly: to enjoy them. And with these light and personal mats they definitely do, Alhamdulillah.

Happy Sunday and a blessed week to you!



6 thoughts on “Children’s prayer mats

  1. Mashallah, they are so lovely. I understand that nice feeling after making something like this by yourself. It’s relaxing and rewarding at the same time. Will try to make one homemade one for my little one too Inshallah. Also wanted to leave a comment for your last post, but couldn’t find the ‘leave comment’ box, just wanted to send salams to all the people you mentioned involved in the school project and may Allah reward all of you. Hope everybody is having a blessed Ramadan.

  2. Das ist ein so schöner Beitrag, er erinnert mich ein wenig an die Arbeit Maria Montessoris..die so sehr darum gekämpft hat, dass diese Welt auch für Kinder “zugänglich” wird. Alles ist in seiner Größe und Ausrichtung auf Erwachsene ausgerichtet..diese kleinen “prayer mats” mögen vielleicht auf den ersten Blick für den ein oder anderen nichts besonderes sein, aber auf den zweiten Blick sind sie einfach nur wundervoll und großartig und ich denke so werden sie auch von den Kindern wahrgenommen!..und es ist so schön wie du von deiner kleinen Tochter erzählst, allahibarik ..möge Allah sie segnen!
    Salamualaikum liebe Itto und ich danke dir für deine berührende Worte, ich habe sie absorbiert wie ein paar wohltuende Sonnenstrahlen;)
    yazakiallahu khair!


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  4. love this!
    I am also planning to make praying mats for my boys as well. But just simply from 2 layer of fabrics and tassles. How is the measurements for your kids mats?

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