Courage NOW! – Divine intolerance and being true to ourselves

a new road to go

The severe lockdown is over in our region, people are free to move and life is quickly going back to “as before” (with some restrictions and the obligatory face mask).
Schools are still closed for pupils and will be until September – so we are still on homeschooling/unschooling-mode.
Administrations slowly go back to normal-work, and we as a school-direction have to finish now the current semester and planify the next.
But I strongly feel, that I don’t want and also can’t go back to life as it was before.

The C-times-break was a huge gift to me and accelerated change that was already on its way. The distance to “normal” hugely pushed my personal and entrepreneurial inner evolution.
And now, more than ever before maybe, I feel the absolute inner drive and the urgent need for re-adjustment, personnally but also work-wise.
I feel that it is so so important to make changes now, to take action before every-day-life caught me and us back again. I don’t want this whole C-times-experience to become just a fading memory or a dream-like-souvenir. I don’t want to fall into the trap of just jumping back on the usual train that begins to roll and run away so quickly again….

Note to self:
STOP! Hold on a moment! NOW!  

take an overview!


Having been led last week to the wonderful and absolutely encouraging book from Peta Kelly “Earth is hiring” (an absolutely worth-read during these times) I came to learn about the generation of “millennials”, about things like genetic “divine intolerance”(= God-given-intolerance towards old and worn-out paradigms) or about the “bullshit detector”(= a natural inner warning signal when authenticity or truth is in danger because you begin talking about or are listening to things that are just not congruent with your values).

Despite the language she uses, which is a bit too raw and fecal for my taste, the content is extraordinary and so empowering, and sometimes I have the feeling, Peta is just talking out of my heart, straight to my soul.
I am slightly older then the so called “millennial-generation” and I don’t think we can allocate people and describe their character by birth-years, or put a whole generation in one pot, but I feel confirmed and find huge parts of my own personality described in Peta’s book. I feel very encouraged by her thoughts and like the way how she shakes and awakes people.

So, talking in her words, my inner-feeling of “divine intolerance” (which can be also described as the islamic fitra) cries very loudly these days and my “bullshit-detector” is very much on alert recently – towards my own inside thoughts and decisions, but also towards everything that is said and happens outside.

I know, I cannot change anything until I change myself, and that’s why currently I am trying to totally (re-) define my many roles, my path, our school’s service and mission and my personal goals…

I journal a lot, I work on my longtime-vision, am planning and I am especially doing intense treasure-mapping. (link)

Also, I totally renewed the short-welcome-profile and the description of myself on my “about”-page here on this blog because describing myself helps me to have kind of a distant-outside-view on my own personality, on how I see myself but also on how I wish myself to be and become – (oooh, how many times I pressed the “save changes”-button these days to adjust the text – maybe you already recognized the different and constantly changing content there… welcome, go have a look, but know, it might change again…).


photocredit @writtenbybrittany 


The “I am”-definition and reorientation of my life’s direction is real work, it sometimes hurts, it takes courage and it definitely is my personal djihad. But I am so sure it is worth it.
As I said before, I find it so incredibly important to benefit from the break we had, to learn from those shutdown-experiences (good and difficult ones), to listen to the inner voice that was so extremely loud and clear during these past months, to follow the insights and inspirations that arose.

I want to take courage to make change happen.
The time is now. 

“Take the risk or loose the chance.”
“What do I need to know, to be, to recognize or to learn?”
“How can it become any better for the highest good of all concerned?”

Happy summer-solstice! wishing you enlightment and the courage for many beautiful changes in your world. xxx


3 thoughts on “Courage NOW! – Divine intolerance and being true to ourselves

  1. Merci beaucoup Itto ! Ça me fait toujours autant de bien de te lire, surtout ne t’arrete pas d’ecrire ! J
    Ça me procure de l’apaisement et de l’encouragement ! Que Dieu te bénisse et ta famille, et qu’Il exauce tes prières..

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the desire to NOT return to the previous paradigms. I always thought you were already ahead of the curve though, and living according to your vision, after all you had dared to do what many of us had wished to do!…so now I wonder what is your next direction? As for me, I feel like as long as I maintain the same physical location it is difficult to have sustainable change as things return to “normal” . Also in the US so much is changing each day. The protests, the virus, the very unpredictable and dangerous president, and the economy, the high unemployment. I have no idea how this is going to pan out so we are packing and returning East. If we can get out. I would not have imagined life would turn in this direction.

  3. salam aleikoum dear sister,
    thank you so much for your comment and sharing of your thoughts. I think living according to our vision is not a static thing that doesn’t change once we defined it. I rather think a vision and life according to it is something under constant development, just as our bodies, inner and outer circumstances constantly change.
    Having defined core-values for myself, helps me a lot to keep a frame and guidelines for this evolving vision – but a lot is under continuous change and to stay happy and balanced, trust and a certain level of awareness and mindfulness are important to adapt and adjust when needed. God guides. subhanallah.
    I wish you all the best. I wish you wonderful new opportunities and blessed choices for you and your family. xxx

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