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In 2010 we founded, with the help of our Swiss friends and many other’s people’s support, the social youth centre and elementary school école vivante in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The aim of this project is to provide a place of continuous growth, education and joy for the people of that remote valley.

We established école vivante ‘s eclectic pedagogic concept which is adapted to local needs and based on deep respect for the personality of every child in regard of his strengths and weaknesses.
The école vivante offers a full and global formation that follows the national Moroccan curriculum, based on the Islamic faith and enriched by local traditions as well as by the discovery of the whole world and other cultures.

The main focus is put on the development of individual talents, on the encouragement of independency, creativity and personal expression through the connection of reality, practical work, language and art.
The école vivante fosters in its students a healthy and peaceful spirit and a strong nature: rooted in the Muslim faith, in the Berber culture, but curious and eager to learn new things and to join the world.

schulname fahne breit

The public leisure and youth center of the école vivante started in summer 2010 with an open holiday youth program which offered the children and teenagers of the valley a place to play and be creative. There was a huge demand and the need for a place where they could spend time and play was obvious. Currently, there is no building to continue this public offer, but the demand is still huge and continuously growing.

The école vivante needs now financial support to build the much needed rooms for the secondary school and the youth center. The future building will hold classrooms, workshops, a library, meeting rooms and a hall.
This centre will offer a place of new possibilities for the youth to meet and to grow, to express and to be creative. Especially the workshops, with special science, wood-, metalwork and experience departments, will offer the young people the chance to get to know their talents, to explore, to create and to spend their time in meaningful ways.

The new building will also serve adults and the great public with a various range of offers, such as creative workshops and art classes, coaching and tutoring, further education and trainings, women circles (health, sewing, felting, etc.), language and computer classes, sports courses, trainings with specialists from different countries,…

banner assoc ballons Kopie

The école vivante is a place of innovation and growth, inchaallah. It’s a place where young people of this remote and underdevelopped valley have the chance to build their personalities in freedom, tolerance and respect, to become people with deep roots and wide wings.

The école vivante is a pioneer project and a place of intercultural dialogue, of education, development, encouragement and support, alhamdulillah.
It is a place where people from all different social backgrounds, of different races, faith and languages are united. It’s here where old meets new, where traditions and customs are cultivated and where peaceful meetings between people of the whole world happen.

Find news about the school on the school’s Blog.

Also read more on our website:  www.ecolevivante.com



As a social, educational and non-profit-project the école vivante needs financial support in order to exist and to develop.
Do you want to support Itto’s school and help that community-project in the rural Atlas mountains ? 

If you like to donate, please use one of the following connections or contact us at info(at)ecolevivante.com :

In Morocco:

Name of the holder: Association Vivante
Name of the bank: Attijariwafa Bank
Agence Daoudiate Marrakech (204)
Bank account number: 0204 E 000 304 846
BIC: 007 450 000 204 5000 304 846 77

In Germany:

Verein Ait Bouguemez e.V.
Wartburg-Sparkasse Eisenach
Bank-Code 840 550 50
Bank account number:  0012012874
IBAN: DE44 8405 5050 0012 0128 74

In Switzerland:

Verein Scuola Vivante
école vivante
9470 Buchs
Postcheck-Nr.: 85-586291-6
IBAN: CH78 0900 0000 8558 6291 6


If you like, we can send you an official acknowledgment of receipt, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your support and dua’! Barak Allahu fikoum.  


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