Snow _ Bliss

Snow… 30cm over night… no street to see and that for today no school… everything is quiet outside, just as described in “Wonder”… a walk in the lonely forest up the hill… I can hear my breath and a little bird singing…

some snow falls down a tree and my feet make their way through the winter wonderland just as if they were the first ones walking there…

oh I love a white winter. It makes me feel so very much alive, subhanallah, the crispy air clears my head and my thoughts…

Back home, a cup of tea beside the fire place, a little moment alone, with a good book or something to knit while the kids play outside… BLISS!

Alhamdulillah. And what a blessing to live four seasons, to have a warm home, a peaceful place to be. Allahu akbar, may everyone be blessed out there with shelter, food and something warm.

the making of my winter vision board and something warm.

High Atlas family trekking – the Mount M’Goun 4068m

Morocco is a great country to travel with kids. And the area where we live, in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, is wonderful in summer when elsewhere it’s too hot. We are a mountaineer, wild and outdoors loving family and the fact that my husband is a mountain guide ads and encourages this. So we try more and more to take advantage of it and go on family holidays just around the corner, into the huge mountains we see every day.

Sleeping under the stars, in a tent, camp fire, eating on a carpet, one-pot-meals, the kids riding mules and running around, naturally pacified by fresh air and nature;… simple face-washing with cold spring water, meeting camels and nomads, challenging ourselves while climbing higher and higher, enjoying the silent, wide and lonely hills… live can be so easy, bliss! alhamdulillah

toddler-baby is always with us, comfortable on our back (for trekkings like these, we are happy with our baby-carrier instead of using just the simple sling)

20190820_120836     20190818_07313320190821_102030 20190824_173206

Ait Bouguemez valley to Mount M’Goun : from 1800 to 4068 meters above sea level.

Would you also like to travel Morocco’s mountains? There are plenty of good travel agencies online with wonderful offers for trekking with children… especially our dear friend Christian’s




Update 10’18 – training myself

More than six weeks that I’ve written my last blogpost here…
too many things are going on in my life and I rarely find time to pause …mashaallah…
a new school year recently began, with new projects, students and volonteers to care for, alhamdulillah.
Very busy days, but also very good days.

– Good, yet not easy – I feel (stronger than ever before) that my duty is to learn how to balance life with all the different responsabilities.
It seems as if this is a never ending learning opportunity for me, my path of growth which I have to climb on and on until I master it, inchaallah.

Sometimes I feel very at peace, quiet, fullfilled, in the flow and in control of everything, like someone who juggles all the balls in the air without loosing one…
and then, there are the moments when I feel just so overwhelmed by all and everything, as if all the balls fall down on me – heavyness on my shoulders, no quiet, no time to feel myself, no moment to charge my batteries…
But alhamdulillah, these moments are fewer since I better learned to make clear my boundaries and to express my needs, since I learned to listen to myself, to feel less guilty and sometimes to say “no” to others.
I am continously learning on this, learning to better divide my time between family and business, learning to be more effective, to work more efficiently in shorter time, to concentrate on what really has to be done by myself and learning to trust things to others.

Being with my baby is a great source of peace. And writing a positive diary helps me a lot – morning affirmations for a beautiful day to come. Sometimes I even sing those affirmations during hard times to empower myself…
And nature is always a great healer, subhanallah – so I often go out to air my brain,
and we try to take more family weekends off… like on these pictures, a little trekking just around the corner of where we live…



The man who is wise, therefor, will see his life more lika a bowl, a reservoir, than a canal.
The canal simultaneously pours out what it receives;
the reservoir retains the water till it is filled, then discharges the overflow without loss to itself …
Today there are many who act like canals, the reservoirs are far too rare …

You too must learn to await this fullness before pouring out your gifts,
do not try to be more generous than God.

Bernard of Clairvaux


… And I am reading, a lot.
Reading literature on self-imrpovement, on entrepreneurship and how to submit and delegate tasks, how to empower others and how to lead a better social business.
The (german) books of Stefan Merath, the founder of “Unternehmercoach” (the same traning I attendet last november in Mainz) are great sources of deep and meaningful methods and ways how to lead a more fullfilled and meaningful life as an entrepreneur.

So this is my update – maybe I am not writing about many new things, but I am definitely feeling a lot of change and growth inside, alhamdulillah.
And if you sometimes wait for news to come here, I invite you to have a look there ! (that’s where I am busy working most of my time)
Happy Autumn dear readers and friends, peace, light and love to you. salaam aleikoum.

Treasure Seeker

Becoming a “treasure seeker”, this is my goal.
Instead of being an “inspector of error” who only looks for mistakes and picks out faults in things and people.

Being someone who focuses on the good, the beauty, the positive and the blessings everywhere, this is what I want to be.
Honoring Allah’s gifts in all and everything. Inchaallah.


Beauty is everywhere.
Natural beauty shines forth from every little flower, from the patterns of reflected light on the surface of water, from the quiet strength of old trees.
Nature thrills me, renews and refreshes me. I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.
As I look with love at nature, I find it easy to look with love at myself.
I am part of nature; thus, I am beautiful in my own unique way.
Wherever I look, I see beauty. Today I resonate with all the beauty in life.

People, like flowers, are all beautiful in their own way and constantly unfolding. 

by Louise Hay