Eating and working


Salam alaikoum friends,


We really had a nice time, the kids and me, but I am also happy that my au pair is back now…

I am still filled up with high seasonal work in the office and not very much in the mood of writing.

I have lots of news to share but don’t feel that the moment is already there…


So I wanted to send you today just some very ordinary pictures from the main places I am spending my time at the moment and a recipe I want to try today…

…some “greek moussaka” with eggplants:

see you soon, inchaallah, Bon Appétit!




2 thoughts on “Eating and working

  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    Glad you enjoyed your ‘vacation’ with the kids. 🙂

    Meatless moussake sounds interesting; I haven’t had moussaka in a long time because I don’t like meat much. Let us know the outcome!

  2. Assalamu alaikoum, I have just found your blog and I’m trying very hard to swallow my feelings of intense jealousy!!!! It is my dream to live in Morocco, inshaAllah one day!

    I just travelled to Yemen with my friend who is also a German Muslimah, inshaAllah when she gets back to Australia, I’ll tell her about your blog, I’m sure she’d love to contact you.

    Morocco is beautiful and full of beautiful things. Just looking at your photo’s is a pleasure! I also contributed photo’s to the ‘Corners of my home’ group, although my home is not as lovely as yours.

    Anyway it’s lovely to meet you!! I will link your blog to mine inshaAllah.

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