Days of Ramadan #23 and my little space


Bismillah ya rachman a rachiem,


Since I am an interior architect and very interested in beautiful places to live in, I really love to see the living architecture of others, to be inspired by different styles and to know how others create their private spaces. For this purpose I had on my former blog a category called “corners of my home”, dedicated to the beautiful cosy parts of our home, to inspire others and to show how nice and comfortable a “mud house” may be.
Yes, we live in a house entirely made of earth, of some wood and stones and a lot of clay!
I fight for the preservation of this building technique because I know its benefits; I know how much better the living in it is, compared to concrete-houses, regarding climate, atmosphere, ecology and health. Once I will show you how these houses are traditionally built, but today I want to continue the interior-design-based-theme and I would like to show you the most important space during Ramadan: my mobile prayer mat!

It is just a little piece of rug, beautifully weaved (but it doesn’t even has to be always the same one…), which I put wherever I am, making sure to face Mecca (which is eastern direction in Morocco) and to be clean (after the mandatory washing) and properly dressed.
Subhan’allah, I love this little oasis of mine, full of peace, devotion and obedience. It is a mobile and flexible place of comfort and it allows me, at least five times a day, to make a clear statement, to mark off my private space and to have a little break wherever I am.


What about you, which is you most beloved corner at home?



7 thoughts on “Days of Ramadan #23 and my little space

  1. hi itto,
    thank you for sharing these insights into your ramadan time- i am really enjoying learning more about your life! i like the idea of your ‘portable prayer mat’ and the idea that we could have such a small, yet beautiful thing to carry around the house.

    and the food you’ve been having sounds delicious. of course.

  2. …I just had to think about that for quite some time. It feels a little bit disspirited. Or despondent now that I think of it. But this place is so new to me, as is the life here, that I don’t have a favorite place yet. I like the library and the bedroom. But I don’t really feel at home here yet.
    Maybe home for me needs to be a place where I have time to spend with and for myself. Time to contemplate and do nothing in particular. And this can’t be had here, as of now. I dread the phone ringing and my parents or their coworkers demanding something of me, Vincent needing something urgently (in which case he looses all politeness and is just accusing urgency) or a load of grapes arriving.
    Is ‘at home’ ‘myself’ for anyone else ? Or can you be at home without being yourself ?

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I wish I had a favourite corner of the home, a corner free of ‘stuff’ which could be a haven of tranquility but sadly I don’t. The children’s mess seems to follow me around and also being a stranger in a foreign where we have no intention of staying means we cannot decorate the home (which does not belong to us) in the way we’d like.

    I love your little woven prayer mat, so much nicer than the usual prayer mats which mosques and other designs on them. I find this type of prayer mat to offputting when I am praying and prefer something more organic like what you have or even just bare floor.

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  5. Salam aleykum ma soeur,

    Je découvre ton blog et quel bonheur, quelle tranquilité, tu nous fais voyager et ta passion et ta foi nous sont transmises directement au coeur. Définitivement, j’adore. Je voulais jeter un coup d’oeil à ton ancien blog, mais je n’y arive pas. Est il fermé?
    Bonne continuation. Q’Allah te facilite tes projets et cette vie entière.
    Wa salama

    ou une modeste musulmane convertie belge vivant en Espagne mariée à un marocain.

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