challenging, developping, nourishing myself


wow, subhanallah, I feel alive – alhamdulillah, and very deeply thankful for having the chance of travelling to Europe by myself, just before the birth of our next little baby.
It has been 14 years (! ! ! ), I haven`t been on a travel without anybody on my side, never really been ALONE for more than a day…
I enjoy feeling, hearing, acting and re-defining my self in my homecountry, feeling again where I come from, being now so very different, little strange, yet still the same… mashaallah, very mixed feelings, a lot of growth, inner development, learning and the joy and blessing of meeting very inspirational people.
Maybe we can also meet? … I´ll be soon in Austria, Graz, and would love to see you there !

xxx love, peace and light to you dear all.



7 thoughts on “challenging, developping, nourishing myself

  1. Dearrrr Itto have a nice trip, enjoy your stay! Allah dik Ala Khayr! Hope everything will go well, very big hug! I can absolutly feel with you, hoffe dass alles gut verläuft und du gesund dein Baby in deinen Händen nehmen kannst! Sehr spannend ich lebe total mit! Aber ihr schafft das bi idni Lah! Ich werde dich Bald wenn du wieder in alle ruhe Heim kommst nochmal schreiben. Ganz liebe Grüße, UmmiA, eine stille und treue Leserin.

  2. I wonder how long you are in Europe for? Eager to know how it was for you and how you found being back and being by yourself – without children! Hope you are well inshallah, Duaas Tamsin

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