Weekend Wishes


Wish you a blessed weekend!

See you next week, with new pictures, new stories and fresh energy from the happy valley, inchaallah…

Thanks for all your lovely comments; I try to respond as soon as I can manage.



5 thoughts on “Weekend Wishes

  1. masha’allah…you’re pictures as always make me want to run away from London as fast as I can!!…
    Insha’allah you weekend is good…wishing you lots of love to carry you through

  2. salaam..ok so the ABOVE comment was from ME!! but in my pre-caffinated state I didn’t notice that DD16 was logged in!!!!
    off to have coffee now insha’allah!!

  3. Assalamu alaykum,

    First time to see your lovely blog. May Allah bless you. I was wondering if you can explain to me how to use a tajine. I just got one and I am so excited. I have not found any help online on how to prepare the food in it. I plan to watch Fatafeat to see how she does it, but she will explain in Arabic and I can’t follow everything. If you have time. Thanks. Um Omar

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