Sweets for the cold Days


Itto’s Sfenjj (Moroccan Donuts, without eggs)

These cold days, when we spend most of the time inside, thinking and planning the projects ahead, there is always a big need for something sweet and warming in between meals. We stay nearly the whole day in our living- kitchen (in front of the chimney) because it is the most comfortable and the only warm and heated place in our house.
Always a good thing to do then is some bakery, especially these easy and lovely Moroccan donuts, called “sfenjj”.
Together with the kids it is fun and learning in the same time: some maths by counting the ingredients, some geometry by cutting the circles, some arts by decorating with different things… and a lot of housewifery- and baking-ABC as well…

If you wanna make them, you’ll need (for about 25 pieces):

500 g white flour
40 g dry yeast
¼ l warm milk
100 g white sugar
100 g melted butter
Pinch of Salt
Oil to fry
Things to decorate (powder sugar, cinnamon, sweet pearls…)

Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a large bowl and add warm (not hot!) milk and the melted butter. Work this mixture well with your hands until you get a soft and firm dough that does not stick on your hands anymore. Then cover it and let rest until it became double-sized.
Now take the dough, knead once again and then roll it out flat (about ½ cm high).
Take a glass or something round and cut out circles (about 7cm diameter) and then take a smaller circle (about 2cm wide – I took the opening of a water-bottle) to cut out the middle hole. Keep this little middle-piece of dough to fry as a little ball as well.
Work the whole dough like this.
Now heat up some oil (about 5cm high) in a big frying pan, wait until it is really, really hot and then put the circles and the little pieces of dough in to fry.
That takes about 3 minutes – turn sometimes until both sides are golden.
Take out the donuts, sprinkle them with powder sugar and let cool on a paper.
Work all dough like this.
Now they are ready to enjoy or to decorate with some icing, chocolate or else… yummy, alhamdulillah!!! 

Happy February, friends!


5 thoughts on “Sweets for the cold Days

  1. Those look so good! We have food allergies in our family so I’ll have to use gluten free flours and coconut milk. It might work? At least I can use the yeast and sugar 🙂
    Have a great week!

  2. masha’allah I’ve been looking for a good doughnut recipe, and yours look yummy!!!
    Happy to see you back by the way….and happy you had a happy time on holiday masha’allah

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