Back to three


Oh my God, I sometimes begin to feel as I did just before Ramadan … my au pair girl is gone for vacation and I wake up very early to use the kids-free-time for computer work and blogging. But what happens is always the same:  twenty minutes after me, the kids come down, no matter how long they’ve slept, no matter how tired they are.

Urgh… it is nearly impossible for me to sit down, to work and to write. Probably I could take the pc into the kitchen, but they wouldn’t let me work quiet there, too. 
So I try not to become too angry and to welcome the kids friendly. I try to forget about all the piles of office work and about my wish to blog my thoughts.
We take a peaceful breakfast and I slowly begin to enjoy the whole day just being with them… the more relaxed I become, the more willingly they let me sit down sometimes to read some pages or to knit. We go out for walks, to visit people or we just sit in the garden or make a picnic in the living room… everything is possible if I just let my adult-way-of-thinking out.
I have to admit that being without the pressure of office work, entirely sharing the time with the children and totally concentrating on them I do feel REALLY GOOD. I realize that I didn’t spent as much time with them as I wanted to during the last 3 months since the girl lives with us. I realize how much I enjoy our days out, our peaceful rhythm and just being together while living the all-day-life. So I enjoy the next days knowing that it is like a vacation time for us until my helping angel comes back…
see you after the weekend friends, inchaallah!


4 thoughts on “Back to three

  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    Alhamdu lillah you have managed to put your frustration aside and enjoy your little vacation with the children sis!

    My son loves donkies! He would be so happy to live near that animal in your photo!

  2. Have a peaceful weekend, too. Enjoy your kids and your living room picnics. What a lovely idea that is. It’s always an eye opener for me to read how younger parents treat their children and parenthood in comparison to how we were raised. I hope that one day it shall help me handle parenthood differently.

  3. assalaamu alaikum my dearest sister..
    I can appreciate totally how it feels to have time pulled away from under you….it happens in my life all the time,but these years are precious and they’ll be gone all to do what you’re doing and enjoy your time with your family…just being….and doing insha’ sound like such a happy bunch masha’allah..lots of love to carry you through the weekend

  4. Assalamu alaykum sis,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Love the pics, your world looks so far way from I live.

    take your time sis and enjoy the kids now…time’s flying and soon they will be all grown-up!

    have a lovely weekend
    x wa alaykum assalam

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