Starting the day positive


Affirmations help me to take the right internal attitude every day.
I use them as a desktop-screen-saver, I write them on my chalkboard, on little pieces of paper everywhere, and some I put them around my mirror and on my office-table…

Here I share some sources of beautiful inspiration.
May you be blessed with everything good!


I train myself to approach every day with the kind of these intentions:


and when things are getting diffficult, I take a deep breath, I pray, I turn to God, I ask for His help
and I try to remind myself of these thoughts and this:

hay-quote to-dos-love

joy, love and peace to you and yours!


Embracing the New


September – the holidays are over, summer is almost gone.
It’s the beginning of autumn;
It’s the start of a new school year ; of new plans to make and a new rhythm to find.
Back to work;  back to my dear morning quiet time routine;  back to the everyday.

Alhamdulillah, many blessings lie behind us and beautiful things await us, inchaallah.
I am thankful for two rich and fulfilled months of vacation and am looking forward now to face new challenges, to discover new adventures, to start new projects, to meet new people and to make new development;
I try to pull force and courage from success of the past and to embrace the unknown with joy. I trust in God’s paths and learn more and more to stay calm and to distinguish between my business, the others business and God’s business.

I wish you a happy autumn and a start of many blessed new experiences!
Salam aleikoum friends!


Dreaming and Planning Summer and Life


7 weeks summer vacation, 7 weeks off-school, 7 weeks of opportunities and the chance of making the most of this precious time that comes only once a year, subhanallah.

And now, as so many times before, when put into such a situation of “break”, I ask myself many questions about how to spend the time wisely. I wish to make the best out of it, to benefit as much as possible of this pause.

plaene fresh

I would like to relax; I would like to work on personal projects, stuff and things around the house; I wish to spend time with the children, my husband, family and good friends; maybe travelling a bit, but not too much;  and I’d love to be alone to refill and to refresh my personal batteries and to gain distance, quiet of mind and new inspiration.

And as many times before, also now, it helps me a lot to follow some simple rules on dreaming and planning the near future. This process gives me new energy and fills me with joy and hope. This creative act can even be done with children. It is perfect start into a new phase.

plaene 1  plaene4

I thought I’ll share the list of “how to become the designer of your own life” here, I thought it could be inspiring for others. It can be used for all and works in every area of life, bismillah:

1. Know and decide what you want.
2. Dream big.
And allow nobody to steal or to destroy your dreams. Follow your heart. You cannot lose, you can only win.
3. Believe!
Believe in God, in yourself and your capacity, in the good and the possible of everything, even of the “impossible”, with positivity and conviction. Get rid of all your fears.
4. Share the dreams and goals with those you trust and like. Build a dream-team.
5. Visualize your goals and dreams as real as possible (for example with a treasure map of pictures) and encourage yourself with positive affirmations and optimistic thinking.
6. Act and get active, behave as if your dreams did already come true.
Concentrate on doing what you like to do and what you know well. Don’t rest. Declutter your life and work towards your dreams. Don’t see yourself as a victim. Be the change.
7. Hold on, no matter what. Never give up.
Stay courageous. See problems and defeat only as temporary challenges and chances to succeed. Take feedback as a guide to reorientate your plans, never losing sight of your main goals.
8. Be thankful and celebrate.
Pay thankfulness and appreciation to God, the others around and towards yourself.
9. Give back.
All that you give does not make you poorer, in fact it makes you richer manifold.

plaene planen    plaene leben

I wake up with the birds…

stifte architect skizze blau

Sometimes I get asked how I do it all: school, family and children, managing a project and other social activities, household, garden, hobbies and self-development…

Well, yes, I do a lot, alhamdulillah, but there is also a lot I don’t do.

Over the years I mainly learned two things: setting boundaries and setting priorities. I learned to say “No” to some things and people and I learned to focus on my important goals and values.
For this I regularly (re-)define my values, principles and long term goals, and I plan very detailed the short term ones.
I read a lot on time-management and -organization and I learned to manage my to-do-list and my availability to people and situations. AND I learned (an still learn) to ask for and to accept the help of others.
My days now are well balanced, I have a great team of supportive and involved people, I scheduled my working hours and mostly stick to my program.
I go to bed very early to get enough sleep, I reserve weekends only for family and home (no internet and school-work at all) and I do not stress myself anymore with the ambition to have a super clean house. This helps a lot.

architect skizzenbuch achitect masse architect skizzegruen

Since several years I established a morning routine which is my key to personal success, subhanallah:
I wake up with the call to morning prayer (when it is still dark – about one and half an hour before sunrise) and benefit of this blessed time when everybody else sill sleeps.
I wash myself, pull oil, clean my teeth and pray; I then very often stretch my body or sit still and reflect on the coming day and my inner feelings; I affirm positivity and think about the things I wish to accomplish that day; I ask for God’s guidance and His wisdom.
Then I often drink a glass of hot ginger-lemon water and then my joy of the moment: a big mug of hot and strong milk coffee –  sometimes accompanied by a date or a little treat!

This is my time, alhamdulillah, it is often the only me-time I have during the day.
It is the magic quiet moment that gives me power and energy and helps me to renew myself. Alhamdulillah.

stifte architect skizze beige

While drinking my coffee, I read most mornings.
I divided my week and dedicated every day to another subject which is important to me; that’s how I make sure that I learn and get the input in all areas I wish or need to. Sometimes I also blog or look for online inspiration, or I plan meetings, design our architectural projects or work on the realization of my wider vision.

Without the discipline to wake up early and to dedicate this time to me and my self-development, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.
Subhanallah, this really is my “secret” and the most precious moment of my day.


busy learning


salam aleikoum friends,

it is quiet here on this blog of mine and this is the first post I write in 2016 – so happy new year to all of you!
but I guess you know what that means: if it is quiet here, it is very busy in real life. many things to do away from this little space of mine.
I invite you to have a look at our school’s blog or facebook-site where you can read about some of the activities I am involved with and also look at the trailer of the film our partner school produce after visiting us in 2014.
thanks for your wishes on my last post and wishing you all the best again,
until soon, inchaallah xxx , blessings and peace.

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