think beyond

In order to change our lives,
we have to look beyond,
we have to think beyond,
we have to dream beyond.  

We have to overcome what we actually see or perceive as our reality,
to allow and to create something new or better.

So my key-words and objectives for this new year are:
“know what you want!”
“focus on the wanted!”
“control your thoughts!”
“imagine beyond!”

Readers of my blog know, that since many years, I am interested, I learn about and I share my thoughts here on subjects like: Faith, leadership, permaculture, empowerment, peace- and social-work, power of thought, non-violent-communication, alternative holistic education, self-development and inner healing.
The more I learn, the more I see how all of this is connected. I feel an entanglement, I see synchronizations, I observe a growing awareness, empathy and positive vibrations all around me, showing me the evidence of the huge quantum field of which we are all part of.
I begin to understand, how important it is, to use our (God-given) personal power, our freedom to choose and to create.
I begin to see the need to get in alignment with our true inner calling, to get in positive vibration.
And I learn how we are in this beautifully guided through our feelings, by our Higher self, by our intuition (=our fitra) and an inner-emotional-guidance-system.

All of this feels very promising, encouraging, empowering, freeing. Subhanallah.
It gives me the feeling of being able to flourish and to live up to my true potential, without over-driven-action, without dogma or judging – just through my inner vibration, I can really make a difference. Inchaallah.
And it feels like the essence of my faith, Islam. Without needing a guru, without dogma or judgment, being guided and purely centered, focused towards a Higher Source, free to choose, totally self-responsible and owing no one, except my Creator.  

And through this self-growth, I hope I can inspire and encourage others, maybe you, to follow your inner voice and to bring out your true potential, for your own wellbeing and that of the worlds.

“Come on beautiful, the world needs your light!”
Wishing you a blessed and happy 2022 – full of enlightening and positive growth!

Zawiat Ahancal – Taghia – High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Here is a list of books, authors and movies, I would recommend. They can help to learn how to shift our focus and to look beyond.
I am very sure there are many many much more I do not now, in other languages and even in very old traditions. I am also sure, that once you have the intention to develop yourself, you will be guided to the right sources – just follow your inner feeling:   

Abraham Hicks (and all books of Esther and Jerry Hicks);
Richard Dotts;
Peta Kelly “Earth is hiring”;
Rhonda Byrne;
Louise L. Hay;
Catherine Ponder;
Mohammed Faris productive Muslim ;
Gill Edwards;
Genevieve Behrend;
Florence Scovel-Shinn;
Brené Brown;
Napoleon Hill: „Think and grow rich” (with peace of mind);  
Deepak Chopra;
Wallace. D. Wattles;
Binimad Al-Ateeqi “The law of attraction and Islam”;
M.B.Rosenberg “Nonviolent Communication”;
Orison Swett Marden: „Every Man a King“;
Prentice Mulford: “Your forces and how to use them”;
Emil Coué;
Andrew Kap “The last law of attraction books you’ll ever need to read”;
Gabrielle Bernstein;
Dain Heer and Gary M-Douglas;
Eckhart Tolle;
Thomas L.Pauley “Rich beyond my wildest dreams”;
Colin C. Tipping : « Radical Forgiveness »;
Sark: “Succulent wild woman”;
Marianne Williamson;
Shakti Gawain “creative visualization” and “living in the light”;
Dr.Viktor Frankl: “Men’s search for Meaning”;
Byron Katie: “The Work”;
Dr.Wayne Dyer;
Lester Levenson;
Caroline A.Shearer “Raise your vibration”;
Gary Chapman “The 5 love languages”;

For German readers, many of the books are available in German, and these are especially for you:

Laura Malina Seiler;
Matthias Exl: “Befreie dich selbst!”;
Fabian Wollschläger;
Daniel u. Käthy Zindel “Lieben, leiten, leben: Das Ehebuch für Führungskräfte”
Veith Lindau;
Dr. Frank Oberle;
Elisabeth Lukas: “Sehnsucht nach Sinn”;
Boglarka Hardinger;
Alexander Jantzer;
Paul Maar “Das Sams” (Kindergeschichten – lerne richtig zu wünschen);

Inspirational movies/ documentations:
“The Secret”;
“You can heal your life”;
“14 peaks Nims Purja”;

…And many many more authors and books, e.g. from Hay-House-Publishing;
just google for “Law of attraction”, “New thought”; “Quantum physics”, etc. and you will find many very inspiring things inchaallah.  
Also, nearly all books that are on my book-list  helped me over the years to develop a more positive mindset, also as a mother, a leader, a believer, a gardener, a teacher, an entrepreneur and more.

2 thoughts on “think beyond

  1. Jazak Allahu khayran Itto, it does feel like you are talking to me. Thank you for sharing along the way. May Allah protect and grant you good health and success in this world and the next. InshaAllah good things in 2022💝.

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