Raise your vibes! – the importance of altruistic selfishness

Yes, you’re right when you call life right now “difficult” and these times “very challenging”.
I can empathize with you.

But at the very same time this world can also be seen as “wonderful” and these times as “blessed”.
It’s all a matter of focus, isn’t it?

There can always be found clouds on the sky, violence, poverty, darkness and suffering in the world
– but there also is always the sun (even behind the darkest clouds) and something good to be found everywhere, even in the deepest misery. Subhanallah!

There is not only one truth, nor only one reality.
Everybody perceives and experiences life in a very different way, and each one lives in his own little world. Even our closest friends or family members might sometimes seem far away in their own space.

I had to learn, especially during C-times, but also now in these after-C-times of a new normal, that my perception is just too different than that of some people.
And even if I strive hard to make myself understood or to help others see the world with more hopeful eyes, it sometimes just doesn’t work out.
I have to accept, again and again, that other people’s feelings and energy just are NOT my responsibility. And I cannot change them.

Also, I learned that we CANNOT help others by getting caught up in their drama, even if this seems to be serving and caring.
Nor can we change the world by forcing others into our own positivity – it will make us quickly feel exhausted, powerless and weakened.

Yes, we might wanna save the world and make it a better place – the human soul strives to be of service – but the “how to” is not so easy (I wrote about it already here).

I understand now, that is not helpful to undermine my own happiness and join in with the choir of moaning.
If we hide our own joy, if we call ourselves “poor”, to avoid jealousy, resentment or accusations of others, or with the aim not to be too different, riding the wave of complaining and pain, like the majority of people, we only add to the negativity of this world.

I come more and more to the conclusion, that the only way to deeply be helpful to others and the whole world, is by being ourselves the change we wanna see in the world, trying to be happy inside and to protect this happiness and our own positive-energy-field.

We can take responsibility. Yes, we can help the world by taking a more self-centered approach.
Because truth is, everyone is the center of her own little world. Every one of us is kind of egocentric and lives her own reality, might that be a happy or a sad one.
So, maybe the best thing we can do for others, is to feel good in this own little-bubble-world of ours.

Yep. Call it “altruistic selfishness”.

But this isn’t about an egotistic lifestyle, avoiding or neglecting world-problems or the hard living-conditions of others.
Treating others with empathy, respect and even kindness, trying to always be of service and the best version of ourselves and to interact according (Islamic) noble values, I see as a basic human duty – but that’s not the question here – the thing is, that we CAN help the world by being happy and leading a joyful, rich life ourselves.
We do not have to suffer!
We do not have to feel guilty, if we feel good, if we look after ourselves, if we have plenty, are happy and fulfilled, while so many others live in misery and pain.

In fact, when we are doing well, we offer a gift to the world. When we vibrate on high levels, we are much more in tune with ourselves and in flow with good things. If we feel good, we are not only good to ourselves, but we also have more capacity to be good to others, to inspire, to seek solutions, to serve, to spread love and kindness.
When we are excited, we elevate the energy inside ourselves, and we also light up the energy around us – and that shines bright into the world.

« Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light whom He wills. And Allah sets forth parables for mankind, and Allah is All-Knower of everything. » (Qur’an 24:35)

We are powerful. Each one of us.
We can always choose how we handle a situation. No matter what.
We can choose to see things in light.
We can choose to trade fear for love, hopelessness for faith.
We can always choose understanding instead of blame
and we can take reasonability instead of seeing ourselves as a victim of others or the outer circumstances.
We can be positive examples for others and show that happiness, wellbeing and prosperity are possible.

“God is the protector of those who have faith: From depths of darkness He leads them forth into light” (Qur’an 2:257)

So, let’s be more selfish, to serve the world!

Let’s enjoy the good things in life.
Let’s be thankful for the blessings in our everyday.
Let’s make joy a priority, to feel good and to elevate the vibes inside and around ourselves!
Let’s give charity, offer a smile, share a happy story and let’s choose our words wisely. It all has a major impact.

I wish you very happy blessed days of Dhul-Hijja.
May Allah accept all our efforts and worship, and may your days be filled with light. Ameen.

 becoming a lightworker – spreading optimism, love and light!  

Lightworker – a definition: “The simplest way to describe lightworkers would be as beings who feel an enormous pull towards helping others and commit to serving humanity… In summary, lightworkers are awakened beings who bear the highest interests of all living beings and Earth in their minds. They hold a distinctive core of kindness within themselves and vibrate at a higher energy level that enables them to be positive and support others through their struggles.” link to source of the text  

early morning self-development-work in summer sunlight…. 

LIGHT = love and optimism

“Know that you are making a major contribution to the world by choosing to live in the light”
Gabby Bernstein in “Super Attractor” 

Some other thoughts of mine on the topic: “Bringing light”

And my actual list of wonderful inspiring books and a link on the topic of living in the light:

*The holy Qur’an

*Gabrielle Bernstein “The Universe has your back” and “Super Attractor” (also available in other languages)

*Caroline A. Shearer “Raise your vibration – 3 min-e-books on tips and tools for a high frequency life”

*Peta Kelly “Earth is hiring”

*Shakti Gawain “Creative visualisation” and “Living in the light” (also in other languages available)

*Laura Malina Seiler “Schön dass es dich gibt!” and “Mögest du glücklich sein” (also available in French)

(Note: I do read all sorts of books, no matter if the writer is Muslim or not, but I am always treating new content very critically and carefully, in respect to my religion, Islam. I take what matches my believes and leave out the rest).

6 Ideen, wie du dir den Sommer dieses Jahr schöner machst



4 thoughts on “Raise your vibes! – the importance of altruistic selfishness

  1. SubhanAllah 🙂
    One of my most favorite writers on these topics is Catherine Ponder. She is old school, and there are some Christian references, but it is God-Centric, which for me is a beautiful element oftentimes sidelined in some of the manifestation etc works these days by contemporary writers.
    Currently I am reading: Open Your Mind to Receive.
    Every time I pick it up I get such a rush of good vibes it just makes me happy!
    Peace and love and light!
    valerie ayla

  2. salam aleikoum sister Valerie,
    thank you so much for your ever nice comments on my blog. I am always very touched by your words and the interest you offer to my writing. 
    YES, I absolutely LOVE Catherine Ponder as well, mashaallah, so enlightening and just feeling good by reading her writing.I can totally relate to how you take her books, the Christian background make them even more reliable for me, because she puts God in the center of her writing… 
    also very good and God-centred are the writing of Gabrielle Bernstein (although I fade out her view on getting connected to angels and spirits) and the book “I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams” by Thomas Pauley.

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