Post Ramadan Reflections – still@C-times and an Ode to all Mothers

Ramadan is over, and subhanallah it was the loveliest month and Eid we ever had, alhamdulillah!
The best thing I did, was going totally offline during the last ten days: No influences from outside, no more thinking about worldly (dunya)-things.
Not being able to go to the mosque (as it is usually done every night during this month) made the family Iftaar and the evenings this year much more relaxed and Tarawieh (night prayer in Ramadan) done at home turned our house into a real place of worship.

Sometimes I was following the Imam of Makkah on the television, which was a very special thing, seeing the holy and sacred city nearly empty, only a few people around the Kaaba, where normally millions turn in circles, mashaallah.
To see three of our children fasting was also a real pleasure, and once again I was astonished by the strength of their will towards their (self-imposed) duty mashaallah.

But Allah makes so many things so much easier during this month (as for example: being able to function normally during the day despite the lack of sleep with only three to four hours of nap per night), and we have been feeling His many blessings and Allah’s mercy in everything. Allahu akbar!
The Eid-day, spent as a close family alone at home, just the seven of us, without the wider family, was a great, peaceful and strengthening experience, alhamdulillah.

Now we are back to “normal” – but what means “normal” during these C-times?!
More than twelve weeks of lockdown – three months I totally treasure – I consider myself very lucky not having to quit home and not having been out of our space all these past months – thanks to our huge garden and the permaculture research-site of the campus vivant’e, we have a lot of agriculture to work on, a lot of freedom to run, much space and the most beautiful nature around – in fact, we enjoy the peace and quiet of a well known tourist region that is normally full of visitors during this time of the year.
So, subhanallah, I can say “All is well in my little world!”

But I know, not everybody is that lucky.
When I talk to my friend, another reality hits me: she is sick of being on shutdown, not being able to travel, nor to visit friends or to fly the worlds as she usually does.
If I look over our fence, I see a man riding by on a donkey, wearing a face mask in the middle of nowhere and in this most clear of airs…no people around.
If I go online, I am flooded by many news that are difficult to digest:
the (health-)danger of the 5G-mobile net; Mr. Gates warning on a second Corona-wave or the danger of a possible Bioweapon-attack (which can be taken as a threat, just as his wish to vaccinate the whole world); the censoring of Youtube videos from respectful Medical professionals who just want to share their opinion; the poor quality journalism and the lousy reporting of well-known media in whom I really lost confidence; the requirement of face masks everywhere; the beginning of civil revolts in the U.S. and elsewhere…. Mashaallah.

And although I still feel lucky and am thankful that the re-start of schools in Morocco is pushed out until autumn, I can see that it is time for the world to end the lockdown.
I have to face and to acknowledge other truths – I call this my little “djihad” – because it is my struggling, my striving for inner balance, finding peace and keeping positivity and hope in the midst of so many confusing things that sometimes just blow my mind  (“Djihad” means the struggling for a praiseworthy aim for God’s sake).

I decided to continue staying offline most days of the week. The world keeps turning without my presence there…
I try to remind myself of the post I wrote several weeks ago (about “how to save the world”)
and I try to remember the most important thing:
I don’t have to do anything, except being a good mom!

Happy June dear friends – with my sincere and deep wishes of healing to the worlds –
and bless you all mothers out there – you / we are doing the most important job and work ever!

Keep on shining and be good to yourself!

Me-time, taking a walk, reading, educating and developing myself – and thus also my family… manager of the home – yeah and cheers to us mothers! 


One thought on “Post Ramadan Reflections – still@C-times and an Ode to all Mothers

  1. Indeed what is the new normal!? In these coronavirus times so many aspects of life are being re-defined. That is something we have to for situation that is out of our hands. I think there should be some new good changes to our normal, but ones that we bring ourselves after spending a month of fasting.

    I’ve shared my feelings and reflections for this Ramadan too, do have a look at my blog:

    I love to talk and share about my deep thoughts in every day life. I am on a journey to find a life with Intention. Would love to see you around my blog! Do follow to my blog and instagram where I share about life, mindfulness, travel, food and parenting.

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