Reading in Winter

Winter is here, solstice, short days, long nights…

we sometimes watch movies but I often draw away from the crowd to have a little alone-time. Winter is just perfect to read more books and to invest in self-education through literature.
Here is my actual book-list and the publications I am actually reading:

Gary Chapman “5 live love languages” (available in many languages)

Bodo Schäfer/ Boris Grundl “Leading simple”

Yaqub Mirza “Five pillars of prosperity”

Laura Malina Seiler “Mögest du glücklich sein”

Wallace D.Wattles “The science of getting rich”

Christian Hlade “Das grosse Buch vom Wandern”

Michael Perry “Coop, a family, a farm, and the pursuit of one good egg”

Amanda Blake Soule, all her books

Astrid Lindgren “Madita” , “Michel”, “Tomte”,…


By the way, “5 love languages” is a really wonderful, easy to read book that widens my understanding of myself and others; with many inspirations on how to work on relationships (with spouse, but also generally speaking)
and here some good reflection on this book of a Sheikh and a Muslim point of view.

And, I just love Amanda’s books and I owe a lot to Soulemama, who inspired me since 2007 over many many years through her blog and wonderful books about family creativity. I think her writing helped me to become a more mindful and balanced mom. Unfortunately she isn’t blogging any more, but nevertheless she still accompanies me in my mothering adventures.

painted wooden sticks with mealtime-prayer and song-ideas 

kitten inspired drawing – cat with babies inside the womb that slip out by the back – artist: our 6 year old son, tbarakallah. 

What are you reading this month?

Any ideas for good Islamic books for the kindle e-reader?

Blessed Winter to all of you.




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