Snow _ Bliss

Snow… 30cm over night… no street to see and that for today no school… everything is quiet outside, just as described in “Wonder”… a walk in the lonely forest up the hill… I can hear my breath and a little bird singing…

some snow falls down a tree and my feet make their way through the winter wonderland just as if they were the first ones walking there…

oh I love a white winter. It makes me feel so very much alive, subhanallah, the crispy air clears my head and my thoughts…

Back home, a cup of tea beside the fire place, a little moment alone, with a good book or something to knit while the kids play outside… BLISS!

Alhamdulillah. And what a blessing to live four seasons, to have a warm home, a peaceful place to be. Allahu akbar, may everyone be blessed out there with shelter, food and something warm.

the making of my winter vision board and something warm.

3 thoughts on “Snow _ Bliss

  1. Wunderbar,
    vielen Dank für diese warme, heimelige Atmosphäre, die du aus meinem geliebten Marokko zu uns rüberschickst.
    Und danke sehr für die schönen Fotos. Du hast viele außergewöhnliche Talente!
    Ein „vision board“ möchte ich mir auch gerne erstellen.

    Dir und deiner Familie alles Gute, auch für das kommende Jahr!
    Gruß aus der alten Heimat.

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