Getting back…coming home

Seventeen days away from home and family, out of my small world and my own realities, straight into other ways of living, thinking and being. I met family members, professionals of different areas, new people and old friends all across the three German speaking countries.

Since two years it was my first trip to my homelands and the first trip without my husband and kids. Just the little one and me. Subhanallah, what an opportunity to widen my horizons, to open my mind, to leave my own box and to re-adjust my self.

On the road back home, hour after hour through lonely hills and deserts, I had much time to reflect. After leaving Europe and the lively city of Marrakech, the quietness of the wide Atlas mountains gave me time for reflection and a first conclusion.

Now I am back home. I feel thankful, alhamdulillah, refilled, inspired and with a suitcase full of wonderful memories.

But also exhausted – honestly, I find it hard to get back to normal. There is all the laundry to wash, four children to listen and get connected to again, things to put in order and a whole lot of thoughts I would like to ponder on (“who am I? Who do I want to be? What values do I wand to transfer and what image do I want to give as a mum, a wife, a human being…?”)

Coming home with a fresh view, I see now mountains of work and things I would like to change around and inside myself. I know, I want too much at once and I have to be careful not to overload neither me nor my family.

“Give yourself time, Itto!” – maybe this should be my mantra for the next weeks…”ommm”- writing my diary, enjoying autumnal weather and putting first things first…. happy and blessed November inchaallah!


3 thoughts on “Getting back…coming home

  1. Toujours une forte inspiration de te lire. Que Dieu vous et nous guide. Heureux et béni mois de novembre à toi et ta famille!

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