High Atlas family trekking – the Mount M’Goun 4068m

Morocco is a great country to travel with kids. And the area where we live, in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, is wonderful in summer when elsewhere it’s too hot. We are a mountaineer, wild and outdoors loving family and the fact that my husband is a mountain guide ads and encourages this. So we try more and more to take advantage of it and go on family holidays just around the corner, into the huge mountains we see every day.

Sleeping under the stars, in a tent, camp fire, eating on a carpet, one-pot-meals, the kids riding mules and running around, naturally pacified by fresh air and nature;… simple face-washing with cold spring water, meeting camels and nomads, challenging ourselves while climbing higher and higher, enjoying the silent, wide and lonely hills… live can be so easy, bliss! alhamdulillah

toddler-baby is always with us, comfortable on our back (for trekkings like these, we are happy with our baby-carrier instead of using just the simple sling)

20190820_120836     20190818_07313320190821_102030 20190824_173206

Ait Bouguemez valley to Mount M’Goun : from 1800 to 4068 meters above sea level.

Would you also like to travel Morocco’s mountains? There are plenty of good travel agencies online with wonderful offers for trekking with children… especially our dear friend Christian’s http://www.weltweitwandern.at




5 thoughts on “High Atlas family trekking – the Mount M’Goun 4068m

  1. Liebe Itto!!!
    Schon wieder habe ich mich gefreut von euch zu hören. So wunderschöne Orte. Wir waren auch 1 Monat in Marokko von Tiznit, Agadir ,Taghazout, Essaouira, Marrakech bis zur Heimat meines Mannes Rabat und M’garto ( auf dem Land).
    Wir wünschen uns einmal in den Bergen Marokko zu reisen. Wer weiß? Vielleicht das nächste Mal!
    Ich muss oft an dich denken, wenn ich dort bin!!
    Genießt noch eure Ferien !!
    Peace and Love

  2. Wow masha Allah. The perfect vacation. Hope ill be able to visit someday💗 itto one day if you the time would you might consider to make a post about good ways to help your pre teen into the confusing era of teenagerhood? I always love your insigt in paranting and read some time ago you where reading Jesper Juuls book on teenagers. Assalam alaykum

  3. Assalaamu alaykum, wonderfully described and beautifully photographed. I would LOVE to bring my family to your part of the world one day inshaAllah. Also, I’m happy to see baby being carried on the back rather than the front, far safer mashaAllah!

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