My daily dose of Positivity #1

The trees are still green, some already yellow – the beauty of Autumn as usual in late Octobre …
and then suddenly Winter came this weekend … snow and ice-cold!

I think we might have to prepare for a long winter…
electricity comes and goes and I’ll try to use this week of school holidays for a makeover of our home: to create some coziness, inchaallah.

And I have prepared a little gift for you – every day of this week a picture of beauty and a dose of positivity… affirmations that really help me to go though my days and empower me to accomplish the things I have to do, subhanallah.
I hope they’ll give you as well that dose of positivity we all need sometimes.


4 thoughts on “My daily dose of Positivity #1

  1. Subhan Allah, i wrote a mail for you some time ago, but I think What i really intented With that mail didnt really came trough since My daughter interupted My writing. So i have been thinking about writing to you again but now ill see if your daily post might give me the answer💖 Cant wait for your pictures… Always a bliss

  2. Danke Itto, grad Dein Geschenk entdeckt – und werde die Positiv -Energie-Gedanken-Sein Päckli achtsam und kraftvoll auspacken. herzliche Grüsse Brigitte

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