Happy Ramadan and how to feed a Family

Ramadan moubarak said dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
and love and peace to all out there!

I am a bit late… the holy month of Ramadan came quicker than I could realize and I have to admit that I am not really prepared for it, mashaallah; the Ramadan calendar is yet not finished and I am still thinking about the books I wanna read and the goals I have for this month.
I am not fasting this year since I am fully breastfeeding baby. Three month after birth, I am now slowly finding a rhythm and new structure for our life at home and for my work at school. Sometimes things go very smooth, but often it all feels like a huge thing to organise – and I often feel like a manager, the manager of our family: Scheduling eating-times, school, homework, chores, TV-time and family moments,  as well as managing the whole lot of feeding 6 (7) mouths, washing huge piles of laundry every day, never ending dishes and balancing the moods and different needs and wishes of so many people, alhamdulillah.

In doing it I still benefit of the knowledge and tools I learned when I read the books I mentioned years ago in this other blogpost  and also here.
And I am reading now some other books that help me structuring the whole thing.

Especially the whole question of “what will we have for dinner?” is a big topic, especially now in Ramadan, when dinner (Iftaar for breaking the fasting) is the main meal for three of us.
We cook all fresh from scratch and even if we sometimes would like to, we cannot buy ready-made stuff or canned-food here, nor can we call the pizza-service or go to a (fast-food-) restaurant, because there is none…
I thankfully have a lovely girl who helps me during weekdays with chores and cooking, subhanallah oua tbarakallah, …I wouldn’t be able to balance work and home without her…
but still, the question about what to eat is always a big thing and relies on me.

The wish to offer a variety every day (not always Tagine and Couscous), the consciousness and aim to eat organic and whole food and the question on how to meet the tastes and preferences of all while making sure that everybody is nourished in healthy ways are challenging.
I learned a lot by reading other mom’s and different food blogs, or from books like “Feeding a Family”. I learned to facilitate things with weekly meal-plans that rotate every two months, with precooking, by having a list of easy-peasy-meals (like the green omelette and vegetable sticks on the picture above) and by always making sure to have leftovers to create new things a few days later. Now in Ramadan it helps me to have the little things that come on the table everyday (like olives, dates, yogurt, tea, milkshake boiled eggs, Moroccan Harira-soup and sweet Chebbakia,..) and to add every day something special.

How do you manage the feeding of your family, what are your Ramadan favourites?



4 thoughts on “Happy Ramadan and how to feed a Family

  1. Meine Liebe! Ich habe noch nicht einmal zu Eurem Familienzuwachs gratuliert! Also hier und jetzt, leider sehr verspätet: meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche und großen Segen für Euch alle! In Gedanken bin ich tatsächlich oft bei Dir und fühle mich Dir nahe. Das Problem, eine große Familie gesund zu ernähren, stellt sich mir auch jeden Tag (auch wenn ich wesentlich einfachere Bedingungen dafür habe!). Mir waren in den letzten Monaten vor allem die Bücher von Veronika Pachala (sie hat auch einen wunderschönen Blog, Carrots for Claire: https://www.carrotsforclaire.com/ ) eine Riesenhilfe, allen voran das neueste: “Schnell und gesund kochen”. Ich koche viel daraus und schätze es sehr, daß sie viele Tipps bereit hält, wie man zeitsparend für mehrere Tage vorausdenkt und -kocht. Ich wünsche Euch einen gesegneten Ramadan und umarme Dich herzlich!
    Alles Liebe von Uta

  2. Ramadan Kareem my dear friend! May Allah accept your fast.
    Beautiful post.
    And yes, all I hear since we wake up…what’s for iftar (annnd that’s from my husband lol).

  3. I am in awe of how you handle and manage it all…feeding 7! SubhanAllah. Sometimes we cook a meal but sometimes we have just small things, we call ‘bits and bats’. This year I am really being more conscious of eating light. Little sugar and no bread for me. Lots of greens where I can. The boys tend to eat earlier still not quite into fasting these long days. So what ever is left over from them we might eat or cook for us and then they can have the leftovers the following day. I have been reading a lot about food preperation and planning this year but I still can’t quite get into it. I always end up with things in the fridge which I forget about! I wish you all the best in these days of breast feeding your baby and supporting your fasting family. Ramdan Mubarak my dear. Duaas Tamsin

  4. Qu’ Allah ta’ ala t’ accorde un excellent mois de Ramadan, ainsi qu’ aux tiens, qu’ Il vous couvre de Sa Miséricorde et de Sa Lumière. ✨

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