a little me-moment

As I already said, life with five kids and finding and defining my new self in all the different roles between household, baby, bigger kids and a huge project to lead is a new challenge to me, mashaallah.
But I quiet like this challenge and feel (most of the time) very positive about it, alhamdulillah.
It’s all about learning to be much more flexible, accepting not being able to planify and control all, being led by the rhythm of a newborn and taking advantage of moments when baby sleeps and getting a break when also the others are well occupied…


I am very thankful for the baby carrier that allows me to take baby wherever I go, for outside walks, inside the home but also to work at school with her close to me (after four babies this feels now with the fifth more comfortable than the sling)
And I am very thankful for new technologies and have to admit that the older kids sit now more often in front of the TV, smartphone or computer – which allows me small bits of alone-time in the midst of it all (especially when hubby is out).
My former daily routine is all a bit mixed up at the moment and I actually begin to do in the evening what I normally did in the early morning hours: reading, blogging, emailing and enjoying some quiet time.
So I greet you this evening, out of my studio, wishing you a blessed month of Shaaban, while the kitchen is not cleaned yet, the laundry still in the machine and the kids maybe a bit too long in front of the TV-  because I neededs this little pause to reflect and send you some blessings… cheers!  may peace be with us all.


5 thoughts on “a little me-moment

  1. Parents should adjust to the pace of the children.. The only way to achieve rest and harmony in our hectic households.. Peace and blessings on all human kind.

  2. Blessings and love my dear friend!
    This is a beautiful journey, and motherhood will always make us more reflective and grateful subhanallah.
    My baby hates the carrier, so many times I still have to carry her, but (without any support) as I cook or clean or tend to the other children lol. It is what it is!

  3. Guten Morgen, liebe Itto,
    einen herzlichen Gruß aus dem FrühlingsBlütenmeer im Land unter der Alb. Gerade geht die Sonne auf und lässt Gottes Schöpfung noch schöner erstrahlen. Die Obstbäume stehen in voller Blüte, im bei uns etwas ungepflegten Rasen blüht es wild und üppig vor sich hin, lila Wiesenschaumkraut, Tulpen, Narzissen.
    Wie schön, dass du Pausen findest, durchaus auch mit Hilfe der modernen Technik. Das muss und darf auch mal sein. Am letzten Schultag vor den Sommerferien gab es bei uns immer Pizza und Cola zum Mittagessen; anschließend für die Kinder eine Videocassette mit Märchenfilm oder Räuber Hotzenplotz oder so und ich verschwand für 2 Stunden im Bett, mit der Anweisung mich nur unter strengen Bedingungen zu stören und so ziemlich alle, die an der Haustür oder am Telefon klingeln könnte, weiterzuschicken…. Das war herrlich. Tempi passati.
    Herzliche Grüße

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