our little starlet

…and deeply thankful and incredibly happy about the birth of our little princess, at home, about a week ago,
subhanallah oua Allahu akbar!!

I am now on full babymoon, thanking you for all your prayers and dua’, barak Allahu feekoum.


11 thoughts on “our little starlet

  1. Mashallah.Alhumdulillah, mubruk ,mubruk,mubruk, to you and your beautiful family. I am very happy for you all , thank you for sharing this time with us. Inshallah you have good health and full enjoyment of your daughters discovery of her family and the world around her. May Allah bless you all – amin.

  2. Assalaamu alaykum. mashaAllah, congratulations! May she always be a coolness to your eyes. Keep your strength up sister, inshaAllah you are getting the much needed care we require after birth. Eat well, sleep as much as you can and may Allah bless you and your family.

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