_ 40 _

This week I turn 40.

Not only 40 weeks pregnant, but also 40 years in age.


Actually I feel a bit immobile and restricted due to the pregnancy, but in general I am happy to say, that I feel better year by year, subhanallah.
I feel (most of the time) very comfortable with aging, not as scared about it any more like a few years before.
I feel very ok with greyer hair, age spots, more wrinkles and the signs of becoming more mature, alhamdulillah.
I feel more confident and comfortable with my self, my body, my character (strengths and weaknesses); stronger, freer, and much less dependent on other’s opinion.
It is a good feeling, subhanallah, and having so many older and wiser women friends, I know that these can become the best years of my life, up until seventy and more, inchaallah.

Thank you Mama, Oma, Doris, Ursula, Dorothee, Christine, Tante Trudel, Fadma Aissa, Mel, Khadija (the Prophet’s first wife), Audrey Hepburn, Louise Hay, Indira Ghandi, Fuesun Holder, Mother Theresa, Byron Katie, and all the other beautiful and wise woman whom I know, who inspire me or whom I met in my life.

blessed be you all – no matter what age!! 

other posts of mine on growing and getting older:  https://ittosjournal.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/the-beauty-of-age/




7 thoughts on “_ 40 _

  1. Oh Itto, so schön!
    Happy to read this words, happy to know you’re pragnant, round 🙂 and happy – hope you ar in good hands of a wise and patient midwife – and I know you are in good hands anyway, hamdulillah…. Five kids, so thankful to know your family is growing, a blessing!

    Fühl dich gedrückt, denke oft an dich!

    Bussa, and a lot of warm greetings from Switzerland!

  2. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag wünsche ich Dir! Gesundheit, eine gute Geburt und über allem Gottes reichen Segen. Ich freue mich sehr mit dir. Diese wunderbaren Bilder stimmen mich fröhlich; dein Text und Selbstverständnis auch. Mit 56 kann ich sagen: Alter gibt Freiheit, Unabhängigkeit und Weisheit. Was ist Weisheit? Wenn ich so überlege sind es wohl die durchdachten Erfahrungen des Lebens, auch des Glaubens, gepaart mit hoffentlich bleibender Neugier auf das Leben und die Welt. Lass dich feiern, da oben in deinen afrikanischen Schneebergen. Und zum guten Schluss erlaube ich mir einen interreligiösen Gruß aus gemeinsamen spirituellen Quellen. Der Monatsspruch für den Februar, 5. Buch Mose 30,14:
    “Es ist das Wort Gottes ganz nahe bei dir, in deinem Munde und in deinem Herzen, dass du es tust.” Passt doch gut zu einem 40. Geburtstag und dem, was vor dir liegt.
    Mit herzlichen Grüßen und allen guten Wünschen

  3. So beautiful & wise.
    You look lovely.
    It seems we travel the same road in may ways.
    I turned 40 just after the last baby was born.
    Happy Birthday my dear.
    You are a lovely human being.

  4. Mashallah, I have been enjoying your blog for many years. May Allah bless you with a healthy baby and an easy delivery. That is the duah I make for all my friends and myself. I am american muslima and my husband is from rabat. We live in long island and come every summer. I had my 5th baby at 40 also and it has been a great blessing. Thank you for sharing your pictures, I always admire the way you make your home look beautiful and tied to nature.

  5. What a beautiful message Itto.
    It’s good to see you turning 40 and feeling good about it.
    You are an inspiration to many. I wish you all the best, for this new chapter of your life, for your baby delivery and for your work and family.
    Stay well and blessed.

  6. Ma chère Itto, 40 ans ! Et quel merveilleux parcours de vie ! Tu dois aussi savoir que tu inspires beaucoup d’entre nous, à commencer par moi : ta bonté, ta spiritualité, ton engagement, ta créativité, ta réfléxion, ton sourire… rien que ton sourire et tout est dit ! Je te souhaite un très bon anniversaire, de rester telle que tu es dans les prochaines années et j’espère vraiment pouvoir revenir te voir bientôt ! Je t’embrasse affectueusement

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