this winter is a real one…. every week masses of new white…. the holidays are over now, but we could’t start school because of the storm, cold and immense snowfall – streets are closed, electricity not always working and water frozen – even in the desert and other unusual places of Morocco, they have an onset of winter and cold  this year…

alhamdulillah, this is great for nature, a promise for a rich fruitful summer inchaallah
– and we pray that everybody finds some comfort, warmth and shelter these days…

personally, I am so soooo thankful that hubby is with us at home, alhamdulilllah, living through these homey days (mostly spent in the kitchen, where it is warm), providing us with wood, food and the ceritude that he is by my side when baby decides to quit my womb and to enter the winter world out here, inchaallah – actually I feel like a brooding hen, not very much moving since three weeks, persistently waiting  ….


4 thoughts on “winterdays

  1. Liebe Itto,
    In Gedanken bei euch wünsche ich dir Kraft und Ruhe für die anstehende Geburt. Möge Allah swt. es dir und dem Baby leicht machen!
    Herzliche Grüße aus Rabat

  2. Wunder-wunderschöne Bilder vor allem das Winterdays Foto und das mit den 2 Bobs im Schnee und der Spur im Schnee. Danke fürs Teilen. Hebets ganz ganz guet. Herzlichen Gruss und wärmende Herzgedanken von Euren Freunden in der Stadt, in der es nicht ganz so kalt ist, aber ich bald auch beginnen werde, den Computer gegen den Backofen einzutauschen…..

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