empowered by faith

After having been very busy with many worldly things over the last months, I feel now the need to concentrate again on my faith, to find guidance and support in my religion and to become even more productive with Allah’s blessings, inchaallah.

And as so often, I find good inspiration on this topic here: http://productivemuslim.com/15-golden-keys/

Hope you are all doing fine; peace and light to you!


One thought on “empowered by faith

  1. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts about the pregnancy process and it’s feelings. But I can’t let your comment about the world being increasingly Islamophobic go by. You yourself just finished saying how kind everyone was to you as you traveled alone wearing your head scarf. How does this follow? The world is more tolerant than in any time in history. Unfortunately, followers of Islam are becoming more and more jihadi and violent in their welcoming host countries. Correct this and there will be no need to feel unwelcome or ashamed.

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