Life is beautiful. Everything is well in my world.

This post I write in memory of Louise L. Hay who died yesterday at the age of 90.
I count her as one of the most important teachers in my life.

Although her teachings are not all convenient with my Muslim faith (I exclude these parts or replace for example words like “the universe” with “Allah”) and also not all her teachings were really new (sometimes a repetition of what other great people, even Muslim thinkers, already pronounced before her) she had a unique beautiful way to put things into words, very easy to understand and easy to apply.
She found the right words to explain things and to touch my inner system.

I really would suggest all of her books, calendars, etc.
When I was in a very difficult time of inner growth and development, about seven years ago, it was mainly through her writings (beside the Qur’an) God guided me to healing, hope and acceptance, alhamdulillah.

And until today, her books and affirmations accompany me through my every day.
I am very, very thankful to have been able to learn, through her inspiration, about:


The power of thoughts.

The healing and creative effects of positive thinking.

That life is a mirror of my inner beliefs.

That I always have the freedom to choose my own perception and thoughts.

That I first have to love myself before I am able to give love to others.

How to love and accept, myself and others.

To be good to myself.

How to treat myself well and how to accept the best for myself.

How to nourish my inner child, to forgive and release the past.

To cherish my God-given talents and gifts.

To use my God-given power to create everything possible.

To feel love, safety and trust instead of fear and doubt.

To feel courageous and competent.


To trust in divine destiny and that everything is and gets well.


5 thoughts on “Life is beautiful. Everything is well in my world.

  1. Salaam, agree with 100% on Louise Hay. I did not know she passed away :’-(
    Bless her soul for all the hope and love she spread with her beautiful teachings that helped all hearts heal.
    God bless you Itto in this new journey, I have 5 children (ages 10-21) and it is truly amazing. You will have lots of time later on inshallah. Enjoy this fullness of life now!
    With love,

  2. She was a special woman. I started journeying with her 2 or 3 years ago and she helped change my life. She inspired me with every one of her words. She’ll rest in peace for sure.

  3. Salam:-),
    I too discovered Louise Hay about three years ago and i totally agree with you that she indeed was a very special lady. She has inspired me immensely and so much of her wisdom I take with me in my life. Affirmations really can bulid up the broken and positive thinking and focus truely is transformative.
    “inner work always improves the quality of my life” – Louise Hay

  4. ahh, Itto, I wanted to read your blog a little and just read she has died!!!I didn’t know until now! Her book helped me a lot once. I do not know what to say.

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