Past Present Future 01’17


The new (miladi)-year 2017 just began, and even though it is still “new”, it also is already nearly two weeks “old”:
the white, blank pages of my organizer fill consistently, my last post is long ago, and while I’m observing the passing of time, I feel the need to reflect on things that passed and things to come.

Last year was full of change and development, sometimes very demanding and exhausting, but also promising and full of joy and beauty, alhamdulillah.
If I would have to put the essence of the last year into a few words, I would call it “transistion”.

A lot of my private life is very much related to my work life – in fact our school and everything connected to it IS our life – it is a life-project, present in our heart and mind 24/24h and 7/7days, alhamdulillah, and last year we had the chance to develop and realize many incredible things, alhamdulillah.
So, a lot of my reflections concerning the last year are related to the events and development of campus vivant’e and can be read on our latest newsletter here:


If I fade out the project and look at my personal last year, I see that I learned a lot about myself, I met very interesting people and made important life choices and changes. But there is, beside the very many other things, one thing that stands out in 2016:

It was the medical result we got last February that scientifically confirmed that our smallest son (3 years old) also is hearing impaired, just like our daughter, mashallah.
First, this was a shock and very sad news, even though we had suspicions since several months and were kind of prepared to the fact that he also is deaf. But it hurt. Just as it did 5 years before with our girl, and from time to time again.

But thanks God, subhanallah, the things changed to better and better; the burden of having two children who have difficulties to hear turned more and more out to be a blessing.
We got the chance to learn a lot together as a family and even with society here.
Through a professional volunteer from Berlin, who came living in our valley for more than three months, we, and the whole school (teachers, some parents and pupils), learned sign language and communication with the deaf. It was a real gift to see so many people beginning to happily signing and understanding each other.


And it was and still is very touching to see especially our own two children evolving great communication skills between them and with others. Even our smallest boy’s capability to make himself understood by signs and words unfolds now in beautiful ways.
I can see how sign language helps him developing his spoken language and learning skills in general and how his older sister benefits from having a mate and someone who shares the situation with her. They support each other, they help and encourage each other, they grow and have fun together and they fight for their rights as 2 deaf children in a family of 4 hearing people.

It’s incredible to see their strength and courage in life. Allahumma barik.
So everything developed for the better, subhanallah, tabarakallah, and I am looking forward to accompany and to see those two little souls flourishing and growing in their own very special and  beautiful ways, teaching us a lot by just being who they are, inchaallah.

“after burden comes ease” – it’s so true, I assure you, we can count on HIM –  Allahu akbar!

Wishing you light, love, peace for 2017
and a never ending trust in God’s wisdom and the divine ways!



9 thoughts on “Past Present Future 01’17

  1. What a rude and utterly stupid comment…you clearly do not know Islam if you say this, but even if your opinion is bad about Islam Subhanallah, if you don’t like something, or someone, do not read it/ about her.
    And if you really think that she would be punished because of her beliefs, then look into your life deeply first and when you find something you are not happy about, improve yourself for the better instead of commenting rude and hurtful and totally untrue things on someone’s blog who you clearly dislike.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum liebe Itto,
    Wieder einmal zutiefst berührt von deinem Post schicke ich dir herzlichste Grüße.

  3. A long time silent reader of your blog here. The post brought tears to my eyes. You have accepted Allah’s will with such grace, mashallah. Through this great trial Allah will inshallah raise your Darajaat in this world and even more so in Aakhira. You are an inspiration. May allah taala hold your heart and fill it with tranquillity, strength, and gratefullness.

  4. It’s always a pleasure to read you – your words and your experience are inspiring. I note some and read them again. I see Light and Peace. I feel blessed and loved. I know God is always there in times of joy and harships. By allowing him to comfort us, to support us, we do create the space we need to move on.
    Thank you ITTO.
    And may you, your loved ones, your community have a beautiful, healthy, fabulous year 2017.

  5. Salaam Itto and moving to hear your heartfelt words and what, yet another, deep journey you have been on. It does sound like the fact that both your youngest share the same challenge can only be a benefit for them both, growing together. Thank you so much for your response about my planning question, so thoughtful and of huge benefit as always. Much love and duaas Tamsin

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