Grounding Myself



To be honest, I don’t feel entirely well these last weeks, mashaallah.
There were many decisions to make, many challenges to take and many visitors around at school, but also in our private life
– I feel exhausted and ready for a break. I feel ready for winter to come,  ready to draw back and to hibernate, just like an animal that crawls into his cave.
I observe myself sometimes arguing with reality,  wishing for things to be different, in fact just longing for some peace and quiet…
Here I’ve put down a little list of several things I try to do when I really feel at the edge to depression and need something to tear me out of the black hole:

  1. Drinking some freshly brewed yarrow/achillea-tea
  2. Making a treasure map of pictures cut from magazines to visualize positive goals
  3. Going outside! Alone or with the children, to breath fresh air and clean the head
  4. Making Istikhara and dua’ or reading Qur’an
  5. Reading self-help books
  6. Watching feel-good-movies (although it is very difficult to find hahal-ones)
  7. Making a gratitude-list
  8. Talking to a friend who can stand my tears, just listening, without trying to “save” me
  9. Investigating my belief system and affirming and auto-suggesting all things good
  10. Reminding myself that life is always for something good; that there is a reason behind everything and a learning opportunity for my highest good to be found in all.


favorite shoes from Gudrun Sjoeden 


6 thoughts on “Grounding Myself

  1. Salaam dear Itto, we have all been there…I agree with your methods–they help so much! Just remembering and repeating that everything is unfolding in the most perfect way for the stage of our soul and that growth is always painful–like childbirth-in order for us to move beyond our present limitations there must be expansion. Resistance makes it worse, but yes, sometimes it really hurts and we just must surrender to it all and never forget we have a LOVING GOD who created the most amazing universe as a reflection of Him and all is manifesting his greatness at their capacity! HUGS to you!!!!


  2. I have a similar list 😉 after so much searching I found some feel good movies that are family friendly and have beautiful cinematography and/or message, The Child and the Fox, Duma, Oddball and an old one I’m not so keen on but the kids love, Babe.

  3. Salaam Itto and thank you for your post, I love the image of crawling into the cave. I feel this way too. Your list is amazing and what a good resource. I read your last post a few weeks ago and saw your reading list and for some reason-subhanAllah I picked up on Byron Katie and I haven’t been able to stop reading and listening to her. I found those questions so helpful. I have read some negative articles about her so I am just trying to focus on the good. I like your comment about arguing with reality. I think this year has very much been a lesson for me about accepting what is. We believe in fate but living and accepting it on a day to day basis is sometimes a challenge. I love the idea of ‘Maktub’, living it is a journey. Sending you much warmth, love and a shared virtual cup of tea. Duaas, Tamsin

  4. Liebe Itto
    Ich denke an dich
    und schicke dir dieses Gedicht von Mascha Kaléko

    Die Nacht
    In der
    Das Fürchten wohnt
    Hat auch
    Die Sterne
    Und den

    Dir nahe und verbunden

  5. I am also feeling this winter is coming on too fast and strong. Hope you find your peace and balance. Always, ((((( ❤ )))))

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