A Berber Wedding


A wedding is maybe the biggest event in a Berber’s life. In our region of the High Atlas, it is still a celebration in traditional ways with many old rites and customs.
It is a huge party for both families and the whole village of each spouse.
The celebrations go on for at least three days and everybody is singing, drumming, dancing and eating a lot.


Women wear their most beautiful garments and the bride is especially beautifully prepared with hennah, scarfs and jewelery.
The hand drum is played a lot and all sing old traditional Berber songs with poetic lyrics and trilling alternating between men and women.

hoch12hoch5hoch14    hoch10 hoch9 hoch8

The women, when among themselves, playfully dance and sing and have a lot of fun with the bride,
wishing her a happy farewell into married life – and that is what I wish to you, dear Naima, inchaallah!

hoch1hoch4 hoch3hoch11  hoch2


5 thoughts on “A Berber Wedding

  1. MashaAllah, shukran ukhti 😉
    …für die schönen Bilder, für die kurze Pause in einem hektischen Tag, für ein kurzes Aufatmen und realisieren, dass es ja auch noch anderes gibt. Schön… Boussa, Nadine

  2. Hello, Itto!
    I have been following your lovely blog for the past few years. It served as one of my sources of inspiration to follow my dream to move my life abroad (from the U.S. to Spain, with a short time in Morocco). You always give such wonderful insights on traditional Berber life and have such positive messages. So far, I have visited Morocco twice with good friends, and it is always a joy to experience the hospitality of the people and beauty of the country…and the amazing food! I always look forward to your new messages and my next visit to the county. Please continue to spread your joy and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. Merci encore pour ce partage, les photos sont très belles. Qu’ Allah ta’ ala vous préserve.

  4. I easily imagine what a lovely time this can be Itto! Your photos are lovely. Wishing Naïma the best in her new life. May she and her husband be blessed.

  5. I can hear it now! May Allah give Naima and her groom a great bounty of hikmah and barakah in their union, ameen. ❤ to you!

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