late winter and quiet life


what a contrast: the busy-ness of Marrakech and the quiet-ness here in our valley…

I inhale the silence and am thankful, thankful that Allah brought me here 11 years ago, thankful that we have the chance to live here, alhamdulillah, thankful to be part of a small tribal society, living close to nature and strongly influenced by the power of the seasons. Subhanallah.

To live so abroad and far away from modernity was a personal choice (guided by God).
Everytime I travel, everytime I realize the difference between here and there, between my old (european) life-style and the life I live here up in the mountains now, I feel very thankful for living here.
I am no city-person, not any more. The hectic of urban life fills me with inner stress. I feel as I have to protect my self with a shell of  indifference. The anonymity of being one in the middle of thousands makes me feel lost, detached from my soul and my real being.
In a city, I sometimes feel like an Indian in New York, trying to grasp a look towards the sky, searching for a piece of nature and listening to the little maggot in a lonely tree in the middle of concrete buildings and car noise…

schnee6   schnee1schnee3

here, in the midst of high mountains and surrounded by pure nature, I feel at peace,
I feel home and close to my creator and my true self.
Subhanallah, I can hear my inner voice and I feel deep thankfulness for the fact of knowing the few people that cross my ways, greeting each other with “as salamu alaikoum”…



5 thoughts on “late winter and quiet life

  1. Beautifully said. I don’t live in the mountains ( I wish I did) but I feel the same way when I am away from my home base. I long for the quiet space of living away from the city . Thanks for sharing pictures of your Marrakech

  2. Thank you for sharing a part of your life and thoughts, giving us so much hope, beauty and peace. Salam alaykoum oukhty

  3. I appreciate the peace of country living also. I did not realize there could be that much snow where you are. We have only had a few flakes one day this year.

  4. The serenity and the peace of the mountains. We do feel your happiness and content throught each one of your words Itto. I feel so blessed myself when surrounded by nature and silence.
    Stay well.

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