My Marrakech 02’16

rak1 rak2

Marrakech, the red city with 1001 faces.
in Marrakech my mind and my whole being is always so absorbed by the vibrant pulse of that city, that I often forget to take out my camera to take pictures….
so these are a few snapshots of quiet breaks between lively walks and they offer just a small view into the old part of the town – the médina – but they absolutely don’t show the various faces of this magical place.
you should come here and see and feel it yourself:
the famous djemma el fna-square, the old buildings and palaces, the typical markets with all the colourful things, the smell of a mixture of oriental spices, orange trees and gasoline, the contrasts of new and old things, of riches and poverty, and the rhythm of the loud and lively, modern yet traditional life here…

rak6  rak9 rak10 rak4 rak7


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