Autumn Vacations

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“every day, in every way, I feel better and better!” 

Autosuggestion according to Emil Coué. 

malik malik1

Happy autumn vacation to you!


5 thoughts on “Autumn Vacations

  1. thank you, Stefanie-Itto
    …same to you
    here – in the north of europe –
    … it’s winter now

    we “see” again in spring-time

  2. oh, now nearly i’ve forgotten something:
    do you know that – there outside – (in morocco)
    there is
    don’t forget IT

  3. Assalamu alaykum was rahmatullah. Still following your blog after all these years and not bored of it one bit. You are such an inspiration to me mashaAllah. I would love to walk in your shoes and have a taste of your life high up in the mountains masha Allah. Not only the unique school initiative you have set up but your personal journey, spiritual & emotional goals, family life and your general life vision is somehow familiar. It strikes a cord and I feel an overwhelming sense of connectedness to it. I love how you always strive to do more and better. May Allah swt reward and protect you and your family and may your projects grow from strength to strength. I cant believe i visited marrakech in awe of the atlas mountains not knowing what great things exist there mashaAllah! It would be a life dream to visit you and see the school. InshaAllah! One day it will come true!

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