it’s getting colder


one of my favorite seasons, alhamdulillah: cold and clear. cosy inside, fresh outside, winter is on the way… first snow on the mountains, first fire in the chimney. wishing you a warm and wonderful late autumn!

prep winter1herbst2 herbst3 prep winter


5 thoughts on “it’s getting colder

  1. WE have the outside’s cold & hot…
    and WE have the inside’s cold & hot

    greetings from an area in europe which is known as “cold”

  2. This is my all-time favorite season Itto. It is still warm here but we have some wonderful colors to look at and enjoy. Have a blessed autumn and winter.

  3. also:
    wenn “WIR” hier in nord-europa irgendetwas von “euch” dort in nordafrika haben wollen, dann ist/sind es ganz sicher nicht eure söhne, sondern…
    es sind eure töchter (allaT-u-akbar), die “WIR” hier in nord-europa haben wollen…
    z.B./till ex. eine tochter namens …
    verstehst, begreifst, erfasst, erkennst du -Stefanie-Itto?

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