the felting continues _ women empowerment

coop enrty spinnen weben

now, more than five years later, a new women’s felting group grows in our village.
it’s mostly the mothers of the former felting girls and some mothers of our school’s pupils who want to be active now. subhanallah, with a lot of courage, zest, creativity and diligence they’ve put themselves together to establish a women’s cooperative. it is a pleasure to see their aspiration and dedication, their willingness to learn, to develop and to grow a business, despite the fact that most of them are illiterate and never worked or visited places outside their home and the valley.
I feel very honoured to know such women, alhamdulillah, their strenght and beautiful sense of “naive art” are touching and impressing.

If you come to our valley, you are warmly welcome to visit their little shop!

these are some of the products they produce:

coop armband coop bags coop herzen

more to read here:


coop rugs coop stifte



2 thoughts on “the felting continues _ women empowerment

  1. Very interesting to see how the initiative evolved Itto. You are all fabulous people, making us aware that if we work hand in hand we can achieve wonderful things. be blessed.

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