Id el Adha 2015 in pictures

idid2 id1
at home.


id pray id pray2id pray1
in the village.

id sheep2id sheep1  id sheep3 id sheep4
the sacrifice at grandpa’s house.

id eat1 id eat2
together with the family.


5 thoughts on “Id el Adha 2015 in pictures

  1. Eid mubarak dear Itto! May Allah shower the joy of these days on your family for the whole year to come. Thank you for sharing the beauty and simplicity of your life and inspirations. May Allah bless you. xx

  2. 1 – 2 -3
    allaT u akbar (first)
    allaH u akbar (second)
    ALLA u akbar (third)
    one – two – three
    … and then wi continue ….

  3. What a beautiful day Itto!
    I like the simplicity and the faith showing in each one of your photos, the prayer all together must be one of these magical moments of life.

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