Touda – ecolodge in our valley

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Touda Ecolodge intergrates sustainsability, innovation, respect for the environment and appreciation of the local Berber culture. Consequently, the Ecolodge is sensitive to eco tourism practices. At the foot of the M’Goun summit (4 071m), the guest house is located in Zawyat Oulmzi village at the top of Ait Bougmez Valley, at an altitude of 2 200m. The accommodation offers a mix of authenticity and modernity, you will taste the ambiance and the magic of the place. (

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the Touda ecolodge is a dreamy, remote place, about an hour away from where we live (4×4 wheels car required).
it is a little gem at the end of our valley, in the area of geoparc M’Goun.
it offers delicious food, a very nice and comfortable accommodation and also an interesting little museum about Berber culture.



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