• HOME – back to normal, back to the everyday, back to rhythm, rituals and ourselves.
  • Calming down, thinking, reflecting and letting set all the impressions from the last weeks.
  • Being thankful for the gift of travelling, seeing new things, meeting people, getting inspired.
  • Feeling very grateful for the safe journey and for the hospitality of my motherland Germany and its population, where I still feel home and welcomed (even as a Muslim woman with headscarf, despite all the media-negativity and propaganda) – and for the gentleness of the people of Switzerland and Austria, subhanallah.
  • Enjoying all the souvenirs, food, coffee and little new things brought from Europe, that bring back nice memories.
  • Trying to re-adapt to this life of ours with all its challenges, but also all its beauty, alhamdulillah.
  • Getting ready now for the return to work and school, to scheduled days and to-do-lists…

Happy September and thank you for accompanying us on this last  journey –  thanks to those who welcomed us and thanks to those who followed our steps here on this blog, may Allah bless you all! Salam aleikoum, friends.


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