Ramadan and the 27th night

laylat ul qadr

the schedule of a night in Ramadan, as you can see, day- and night-activities are a bit reversed these days.

Tonight was blessed, subhanallah, glory and praise to Allah!
The fact of being able to stay awaken, at home, the two small children praying at my side before they calmly felt asleep, then having time alone, being able to turn towards God, the whole night, without fatigue, what a gift, alhamdulillah.
Outside was peace, no dogs to be heard, a quiet atmosphere all around.
The men (including our two older boys) spent the whole night at mosque, subhanallah, everybody was engaged in worship, it seemed as if the whole valley reminded God tonight – what a blessing to witness this, subhanallah.

I will go to rest now a little, inchaallah, before a new day begins ( though waking time will be a bit later today), and I wish you His acceptance of your prayers and worship. may the peace of this night embrace the whole world.

Allahumma taqqabbil minni oua minkoum!



4 thoughts on “Ramadan and the 27th night

  1. Assalamu aleykum.Super programme! En France la rupture du jeune est à 22h00 environ. Cette année j’ beaucoup lutté contre la fatigue étant donné mes quatre enfants.Qu ‘ Allah ta ala nous accorde les bienfaits de la nuit du destin.Nous allons commencer les préparations pour la fête de l’ aïd.

  2. May He accept all your prayers and du’as, Itto. How nice and inspiring are the chronicles of Ramadan you’re offering us here. May Allah reward you for all this.

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