Ramadan in pictures #6

kranz maedchenkranz wasser   kranz blumen

Salam aleikoum dear sisters,
Thank you so much for the interesting and very helpful hints on TV and movies in yesterday’s comments section!
I really appreciate your ideas and thoughts, alhamdulillah, and will definitely try them, inchaallah. Especially the Alchemiya-thing has attracted my attention. Does anyone have experience with it or bought it already?
PLease continue to add ideas to the previous post –  I guess it might help not only me in making healthier media-choices for our families.

With these flowery pictures I wish you a blessed day, barak Allahu fikoum!

kranz blickkranz flechten  kranz lauf


One thought on “Ramadan in pictures #6

  1. assalamu aleykum

    je te conseille aussi le très beau reportage de Pascal Plisson: “Sur le chemin de l’ école”. Ce n’ est pas un reportage islamique mais humain et très interessant.Très bonne continuation, qu’ Allah ta ‘ ala vous accorde une très bonne fin de ramadan.Assalamu aleykum.

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