Ramadan afternoons


While fasting, always in between dhur and asr’ prayer (in the afternoon), I feel the most tired. So I have to confess that we are watching more television on Ramadan afternoons than during the whole year, mashaallah.
As I am just too exhausted to entertain and care for the kids without a break, the easiest thing is to watch a (beneficial) film together – everybody is calm, the smallest one takes his nap –  and my husband and I can, at least, rest for a moment as well, alhamdulillah.

But the biggest challenge then is to find beneficial films and series that are halal, even religious, and appropriate to the different ages of our children.
Lately we watch a lot of the classic german children information series “Loewenzahn”, which is a great source of knowledge and available on youtube.
But else, I find it very difficult to find good material. There are some nice fairy tales and Astrid Lindgren stories on dvd, and if I ignore the fact that nearly every film is made with instrumental music, those are still very good. Also the old classic film “Mohammed – the Message” with Anthony Quinn is really very good, and there are also a few films that show Muslims in a good way (ex. “Black Gold”).

But please, if anyone of you has nice advice or a hint to other good (halal and religious) series, documentations and films (available on youtube), I would be very grateful.

May Alah bless you and make these last days of Ramadan easy and beneficial for you!


14 thoughts on “Ramadan afternoons

  1. It’s a yearly subscription but I’ve heard Alchemiya is very good with lots of good quality religious content, as well as travel, food and children’s material. It’s similar to netflix but all from Muslim film makers.

  2. Hier wird gerade gern Ritter Rost geguckt und lange Zeit mochten sie Coco, der neugierige kleine Affe sehr gern. Außerdem gibt es auf zdf.tivi in der Mediathek eine große Auswahl an Kindeserien, auch solche wissenschaftlichen wie Löwenzahn, müsst ihr Euch mal durchwühlen ;-), vielleicht konnte ich Euch damit weiterhelfen.

  3. salaam alaikum…we watched the whole Prophet Yusuf series (in Farsi, with English subtitles) at least three times as a family. It is an extraordinary series and the children really loved it. Have you seen it? It is also done in Arabic as well (dubbed). Here is a youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhlPHKCPBiM
    I agree with the sister above too…there are actually many amazing Iranian made films and serials good for the whole family, rich in content with beautiful messages.
    This is another one that is extraordinary, a bit violent (war scenes and such..so maybe better to watch as a family). My family loved this one so much…it is historical, about the early Islamic revolutionary Mukhtar al-Thaqafi It is also available in Arabic: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZL-YrOvmjS2h3P6sZXjth6qQ1dChoFp
    Also, the amazing series: Maryam Moqadas, again Iranian made. It is available here. http://www.centre-zahra.com/multimedia-video/serie-vierge-marie-1693.html

    Also there is a really interesting islamic animated film coming out at Eid (inshallah) here is the trailer:

    Lastly a film about the life of the Prophet (pbuh) is made and will be released soon maybe at Eid (enshallah). It looks amazing. Iranian made with much attention to period details and accuracy. Director is Majid Majidi, and all of his movies are wonderful. Here is the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B98FBP6Vck
    Wa salaam,

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  5. Hallo Itto,
    gerne möchte ich 3 Filme des tunesisischen Regisseurs Nacer Khemir empfehlen: 1.: ‘Bab’Aziz. Der Tanz des Windes’;
    2.: ‘Das verlorene Halsband der Taube/Le collier perdu de la colombe’;
    3.: ‘Die Wanderer der Wüste/Les baliseurs du dèsert’.
    Drei wunderbar spirituelle mystische Filme, allerdings für die kleineren Kinder etwas schwer zu verstehen. Dafür mit wunderschönen träumerischen Bildern. Einfach nur schön!

    Auch schön: Der iranische Film ‘Die Farben des Paradieses’ von Majid Majidi.
    Der saudiarabische Film ‘ Das Mädchen Wadjda’ von Haifaa al Mansour.
    Der Dokumentarfilm ‘Auf dem Weg zur Schule’ von Pascal Plisson mit einem Beitrag aus Marokko.
    Der türkische Film ‘Bal-Honig’ von Semih Kaplanoglu.
    Der französische Zeichentrickfilm ‘Azur & Asmar’ von Michel Ocelot.
    ‘Die Stimme des Adlers’- ein Film in der Mongolei spielend mit schönen Landschaftsaufnahmen. Den Namen des Regisseurs konnte ich auf der Hülle nicht finden.

    Vielleicht ist für eure Familie etwas dabei – ob diese Filme aber über youtube sehbar sind, weiß ich nicht, da ich lieber DVD’s kaufe. Alle Filme haben wir in den letzten 2 Jahren mit unserem jetzt 9-jährigen Sohn geschaut und waren begeistert. Viel Spaß & Entspannung beim Familienkino. Beste Grüße Anja Serhane

  6. Assalamu aleykum,merci pour ces belles vidéos.J’ avais aimé un beau reportage sur des enfants qui participaient à un concours de récitation de Coran en Egypte. Pour les adultes, la série The Hereafter est vraiment très enrichissante, ainsi que le film “Marie” (Maryam) par Ahmed Souleimane.

  7. Salam alaykum,
    BBC’s Planet Earth and Life Story documentaries are wonderful and very suitable to family TV time. You can download them from torrents.

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