Ramadan blessings in nature



All the senses are refined while fasting, I smell much more and I absorb everything on a much deeper level: the beguiling scent of the flowers and the fresh air in our lush green garden (it’s the school garden, which is now in vacation),
everything seems just so beautiful, subhanallah, what a pleasure this nature is, what a gift of Allah!
Can you feel it, can you see it, do you smell it?

blumen fermeblumen rose blumen haus blumen granatblumen gelb   blumen margerte  blumen traubeblumen vieleblumen rosapink blumen rose weiss  blumen pleasureblumen trocknen
blumen lavendel
blumen store


6 thoughts on “Ramadan blessings in nature

  1. Beautiful garden. Yes, I appreciate the perfume in my garden, stroking the aromatic plants. Wow, your grapes! I have a vine that shows signs of flowering but I don’t know if we will get any fruit. I can always hope. 🙂

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