Cooking in Ramadan

Although I prefer not to spend many hours in the kitchen during this sacred month, the meals for Iftaar (breaking the fast-meal in the evening) and Suhoor (snack before dawn and before beginning the fasting day) have to be well planned, balanced in vitamins, minerals and fiber, as they are the only meals in 24 hours.

All the nutrients and liquids the body needs, have to be taken then –  that asks for some organisation to provide all of it, and taking care of our health in this way can be seen as an act of worship itself, inchaallah.

We love fried things out here and the typical moroccan Ramadan food is very sweet and heavy.
So I always have to make sure that there are enough fresh fruits and vegetables as well.
And this Ramadan, due to some severe tooth caries/cavity, I banished and totally eliminated white sugar from our diet and replace it with xylitol, stevia and honey – works quiet well, alhamdulillah.


planning and preparing.

menueplan gemuese lesen

fresh vegetables from our garden, alhamdulillah.


making tuna-dip, an evergreen favorite of ours.

menue essen


some ideas here (I vary in adding herbs, tomato, spices, vegetables):

bless you and enjoy your meals, bismillah!



4 thoughts on “Cooking in Ramadan

  1. Love the way your table looks like. Not too much food, just what you need. Breaking the fast is such a blessed time, a time to rejoice and pray and remember.

  2. I too have had to forced (or at least try) to ensure that everyone get the right nutrients.
    I love your space…so very simple, but with all the needed tools.

  3. Assalaamu alaykoum
    Dear itto,

    I loved your Ramadan posts. Really enjoyed reading them and like always inspiring. Barakallahfiki

    I want to ask you if you perhaps could tell me how your seats are made. I love your home. Wie die Orangen Kissen zb. Und auch die grüne von diesem Post. ☺bisschen englisch und ein bisschen deutsch.

    Ganz liebe Salam

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