a great gift

I now choose to move away from the limiting beliefs that have been denying me the benefits I so desire. I declare that every negative thought pattern in my consciousness is now being cleared out, erased, and let go.


The greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love.

I choose a joyful, peaceful and loving way of life.

I am worth feeling good. All is good in my world.



a family trip in our area, the high atlas near M’goun  
flussabmarsch klettern
pause2ba itto schlucht2abfahrtberge blumen rot finger veilchenflusslauf refugeinnen1 innen2
refuge: la tulipe d’ikiss
thepanoramamgoun picnic panorama boys  panorama2 pause    wasserfall schlucht    vers tarkeddid  wander2
great travels with: weltweitwandern and horizonsberberes

inspired by Louise Hay



7 thoughts on “a great gift

  1. Alhamdulillah! Itto! so beautiful, just what we all need to refresh our spirit, wonderful nature and time with family 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures with us! I write down the name of the place for future holidays incha-Allah. We love the Atlas mountains.
    Greetings from the North.

  3. It’s great giving to “I m self” and own family the possibility being guest and “tourist” in his own surrouding. giving the “right” of being “spoiled”, fascinaited” like the clients are. Take care. I will train on the bike for future summertour, inschallah. The picture with small and “taller” one in the middle of this impressful mountain scenery is just miraculous. so great being together as a family on “the way” – and in the nature. greetings from your cityfriends who love being with you out there……

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