my kindle experience – pros and cons

kindle 2

Since a few months, I am owner of an e-reader, a kindle 4.
(I think you all know what an e-reader is  – I didn’t know, for a long time…)
When I first found out with my friend Brooke what such modern thing is, I was skeptical.
I am kind of an “old-school”-girl, I mostly have a high regard for things that have shown lasting value or quality. I am slowly adapting to modern stuff, especially to such innovations. I mostly prefer manufactured and traditional mechanical things over technical stuff. So I really was hesitant and doubtful.
And I love real books.
I love to touch the cover, to flick through them, to smell the paper. I love to be surrounded by books, they are like old friends to me, providing inspiration, comfort and beauty. I love to be able to sketch and mark something inside, to note down, to easily scroll back and forth the pages. I love to have something in hand.
And I love bookshops and libraries! I love to spend hours looking at all the different volumes on different topics, the colorful covers… I love the quiet intellectual atmosphere and the thoughtful mood, the recommendations of the staff, and the interior design of those little gems of shops…

But somehow my interest in an e-reader grew.
Alone the fact not having to wait for weeks and months for a new book to arrive here in the middle of nowhere was tempting. Because, when I wanted to have a new book, I always had to ask friends and visitors for it. I had to order the books in Europe and then I had to find someone to bring… always being limited by weight and space.

We live so very remote, alhamdulillah, there are no shops around and most people here still do not even know how to read, mashaallah.
So there are NO bookshops AT ALL and even in the bigger cities like Marrakech or Rabat you cannot easily find a good selection of interesting international literature.

When the internet connection in our valley suddenly improved last autumn, friends offered me by chance their old kindle.
Wow, I was very touched by their generous gift and couldn’t believe to get something so modern, sophisticated and nice! Indeed, that little machine was beautiful, with a black real leather cover, elegant and minimal. It was a pleasure to hold it in my hands, alhamdulilah.

So I sat down with my new kindle and began to find out about that whole new world of electronic books. Luckily, I have an Amazon account , since a long time (although I do not really appreciate to support this company because of all the critics and controversies). I have to admit that I benefit a lot from the opportunity to easily order online whatever I need while sitting in the midst of the lonely mountains, alhamdulillah. I really appreciate this advantage of the internet-age.
So I quickly fell in love with my kindle, reading now even more than ever before and having the chance to access new knowledge and inspiration right at hand, Alhamdulillah.
Today I share my list of the pros and cons of an e-reader, hoping that it might help some of you in your personal decision.

Happy reading, friends!

kindle 1

PRO kindle:

easy access to many (not all) international books in any language

quick delivery, in a few seconds, to wherever you are

easy and light to hold in hand

and comfortable to read with only one hand (even when lying in bed)

practical to take away, even in your pocket or small bag

a lot of storage space

long-lasting battery-charge

easy adjustment of letter-size and width for comfortable reading

less bookshelves needed

all your books in one little thing

many good books for free (especially the old classics)


CONtra kindle:

Dependency on a quick internet connection(Wifi)

not all books available

Amazon account obligatory

New books are not really cheaper than real paper-books

No real thing, black on white, to refer to, to lend to friends, to copy or to hand out

Dependent on electricity to recharge, every 2-4 weeks

Photography, picture and color print books are not nice to see on a kindle

Less support for little bookstores to survive

Nothing “real” to pass on to your children


I think there are many other pros and cons and everyone has to figure out the usefulness of a kindle in one’s own situation.
I personally am happy to have one, alhamdulillah and am, in this regard very grateful for the innovation of modern technology.
And to feel the benefit of access to literature and printed knowledge gives me once more the drive to strive for a better education for the youth in our valley, inchaallah.



8 thoughts on “my kindle experience – pros and cons

  1. Assalamu alaykum itto
    i haven’t commented here in a long time but always rejoice when i see your new posts. I have one of the first kindles that came out and i share most of what you said. I was reading tje little house series to my kids and bought the third book in the series on kindle and mt kids didn’t enjoy the experience,one of them wouldn’t even siy down for readaloud time. I think innately we want to hold and smell the books not merely read them.

  2. I bought a kindle when it first came out and used it very regularly…After a while though I relized I wa spending more on books that I needed too…Now I have a Kindle fire which I use for internet related stuff and go to the library or second hand shops for paper books…yes, paper/real books feel a hundre times better….

  3. Living in Morocco, I’ve long been tempted to get a Kindle. Actually, the only thing stopping me has been the fact that you can only buy books online with a credit card from outside Morocco. So, can I ask how you get around that, or do you use an account from back home? Anyone earning their primary living in Morocco and relying on a local bank account might find it hard to access e-books through Amazon. Or do Moroccan banks have an option for buying online these days?

  4. Yes… “wonder”full, Stefanie-Itto,
    but… can you – and all outher(s) – now return into REALTY…?

    Why do you believe/true that “there” is someone who is “HE”`???

  5. I don’t own one either, thought I believe it’s handy and a good way to share things and ideas inside a community. I love books way too much. But when tavelling I have to admit it would definitely be a good thing to have and carry many books without taking a whole suitcase for them!
    Interesting to read your thoughts Itto.

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