The journey of my life – living in Morocco’s remote mountains _ the-insights-series begin

bgmz dorf berge

Now in 2015 it is exactly ten years that I live in the High Atlas mountains, alhamdulillah, amongst the Berber tribe of my husband and his family.

Subhanallah, when I first came here as a young student, a tourist visitor, I could not have imagined where this trip would lead me, that it would change all my recent life in so many different ways, and that Allah had foreseen things I could not have dreamt of, mashaallah.

Ten years mark for me now a time to remember, to reflect, to ponder about all the things I already experienced and lived here, about all that happened, all the things that changed, especially about how I changed myself and what future will bring, inchallah.
Those have been ten years of big challenges, many family happenings, great insights, a lot of personal development, some difficulties, wonderful people met and many chances offered.
Alllahu akbar, I am deeply grateful for every second lived here.

bgmz ait hakem

There are many aspects that make living here so very different from living elsewhere, in a city or in Europe, where I originally come from and where most of my friends and readers live.
I cannot put all of it in one article, so I decided to write from time to time about certain aspects in depth, about Berber life, culture, traditions, being an expat, etc., inchallah.

And I would like to take this opportunity to give you, dear friends and readers, finally the chance to ask questions. I am often asked and contacted by people who want to know more about a life abroad, about making hijrah and about living in Morocco, “back to the roots”, far away and remote.

So this is your chance!
You can now ask me any questions in the commentary section or by mail and I will try to respond over the year in posts concerning the various topics, inchaallah.
Hear you soon, Salam aleikoum and Peace be with you!

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10 thoughts on “The journey of my life – living in Morocco’s remote mountains _ the-insights-series begin

  1. asalaam alaikum itto, this series of insights is going to be wonderful!! i have always wondered at your chosen way of life in the remote mountains and can’t wait to see what it’s really like out there. thank you so much for sharing your life, it’s an inspiration and a light.

  2. Thank you so much Itto for starting this serie. To be true I always wanted to ask you what give you the impulse to come and live in the Mountains and how you adjusted to life there, which is so different from what you used to know.
    May God bless you and your lovely family. Keep sharing and inspiring us.

  3. I am looking forward to read these posts, dear Itto! I love reading your blog…it really is inspiring and full of love for life itself! I also have so many questions…but one of the most urgent ones would be how it is to raise children up there, in the Atlas mountains. Do you struggle with the same problems like we (western mothers and fathers) do or is it easier for you because you´re not only having the often quoted village to help you raise your children but, even better, a whole tribe!? Lots of love from Germany ❤

  4. Salam alaykoum
    Thank you for this serie, I will enjoy read it incha Allah.
    Two questions if you please to answer
    – 1 – Are you touched by corruption wich is a daily fact in this country, how living with it ?
    – 2 – How are your relations with other women ? I feel there is some much jealousy, competition and gossip…
    Allah bless you and your family

  5. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I find it very interesting. MashaAllah your area of the world looks so peaceful and inviting. You inspire me to be better just by your writing. Thanks again.

  6. Salaam ou alaikoum, first of all my blessings for you and your family. Your blog is always an enlightenment for me, to which i return in times of sadness or grieve. Your ways of describing small wonders of life make me realise how gifted and blessed we are. Thank you! However my question for you is: how do you deal with the paradox of being able to enjoy the small beauties in life because the basic needs are being covered? There is so much poverty around you, i guess.. and do you often realise that the western upbringing you had made you able to reflect and find inner space? For example the classical musique you were brought up with; i believe it helps to nourish the soul and to feed the spirit, as many other forms of art do.

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