this winter…

schnee love
I love winter, the crispy air, the blue skies, the quiet of a snowy night, the innocence of a white landscape…
the glitter and sparkle of snow,  subhanallah.

scheetief schneebaum

this winter is a special one, it is rare that we ever had so much snow here, knee-deep, mashaallah,
with some real hard storms. often electricity goes off and water is frozen every morning until midday now.

schnee peace
walks in the snow, gliding and even skiing are real pleasures these days, subhanallah – and I never dreamt that I would once be able to ski right behind our home, in Morocco! – this year it is possible and it is such fun after 12 years to go skiing again  and to share this joy with my children.


the little mud-houses have to support a lot now and unheated rooms behind the thick walls really cool down now.
its in the kitchens, in front of the stove, under thick blankets and with some sweet tea, that one gets comfort and warmth.


the birds are looking for things to eat and the cat snuggles under the woodpile and in thick blankets.

gratitudeskis diy warmofen

these days there is gratitude for essential things:
a heated house, a dense roof, thick socks, something warm to eat, little comforts at home,

schnee wander
happy winter, and may you all stay warm, inchaallah!


3 thoughts on “this winter…

  1. Salam alaykoum
    Happy winter to you and your family.
    I like your pictures with love, peace and gratitude !
    May Allah bess you.

  2. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures. I love reading your blog with my daughter and look forward to each new posts. Jazak Allahu khairan.

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