this WinterJoy and some Reading

schnee schlitten

sometimes we get snow here in Morocco.
it’s not often, maybe twice a year.
a few days ago it was enough to really get sliding and playing in the white.
these are the days the kids are longing for.
these are the days they fully enjoy outside, because the snow is so special and normally does not last very long.
these are the days I enjoy as well-  a bit outside in the snow with them, but mostly inside in front of the fire.
we have a lot of sun all year here, even in winter, alhamdulillah,
so I love these dark and cloudy days, because they are so rare and therefor are really exceptional.
these are the days that remind me of my childhood in cold winter Gemany.
these are the days that remind me of my childhood-dreams and the cozyness of a warm home.
these are the days I really enjoy with a good book or some handcrafts. alhamdulillah.

wishing you warm, harmonious and cosy winterdays, no matter where you are!
bless you.

our reading list in december:
Astrid Lindgren: all her Winter Stories (“schau mal Madita, es schneit”, “the Tomten/Tomte Tummetott”, “Lotta”,….)
J.R.R. Tolkien “the Hobbit”
Alexandre Dumas “the three Musketeers”
Stefan Merath “Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer”
Louise L.Hay “Meditations to heal your life”
W.D. Storl “Der Selbstversorger”
Zoe Weil “Above all, be kind”
H.D. Thoreau “Walden”
Steve Jobs’ Biography
Fatima M. D’Oyen “the miracle of life/Wunder des Lebens”

schnee karre schneemannschnee sm schneemorgen


5 thoughts on “this WinterJoy and some Reading

  1. Salam Aleikum dear sister! Sitting here in Stockholm and looking out the window: grey, dark and rainy… November and december has been extremely grey this year and we have hardly seen the sun at all. And no snow yet!! The lack of sun makes you feel that you never really wake up! Oh well! Al hamdulilah, makes fastin today a bit easier though! / S Susan

  2. Salam alaykoum lovely sister
    A happy and warm winter sister tou you and your family incha Allah.
    Your blog is a real source of inspiration and peace. An example for me.
    May Allah bless you.

  3. salamualaikum liebe Itto,
    wie schön tabarakallah..solch einen Winter hatten wir hier in Deutschland schon lange nicht mehr!;) (bisher hatten wir überhaupt noch nicht so viel Schnee dass wir mit unseren Kindern mal einen ordentlichen Schneemann hätten bauen können!). Genießt es! ..auch die warme, kuschelige Zeit am Tee und Büchern!

  4. Jaja, Stefanie-Itto…
    und “wir” hier im Norden Europas wünschen DIR genau das, was DU uns wünscht.
    Na also dann : happy life for all

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