peace and love meditation

dez reading

a peaceful moment, sun after the hard rain, the children playing calmly, some time to read, to grow, to listen to the inner voice, to deal with some unresolved issues, to affirm poitiveness and to welcome the beauty and the good in our life.
love and peace. to all of us, to you and me and the worlds.
happy december folks!

dez affirm dez relaxdez outside sit   dez veranda


9 thoughts on “peace and love meditation

  1. MashaAllah you can really make people feel peaceful through your simple words. In fact these pictures are portraying peace as well. May Allah bless you sister Itto, ameen! 🙂

  2. yes, dear stefanie-itto
    peaceful greetings from the north of europe…
    and we all know what realty is/means

  3. These pictures really bring home to me how remote you are – I have always know that but you can see such space in these images.Sometimes I long for this kind of life style. So, Just wondering how you manage that remote living having grown up in Germany- such a different world, different way of life? Peace to you and inshallah you are all well and happy x

  4. Hajj is fifth most ethical principal of Islam. Makkah is holiest position for all the Muslims. It abolishes previous sins of pilgrim, it also regarded as most essential action of Muslims. Hajj is essential for every Muslims once in a life-time.

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